More 보다 one department may be involved in your permitting process. Not certain who come contact? Residential plan Review is a an excellent place come start.

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Austin energy

Austin energy is the country 8th biggest publicly owned electrical utility, serving an ext than 1 million citizens in higher Austin.

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Austin Water

Austin Water gives reliable, safe, and also sustainable water solutions to Austin residents.

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structure Inspections

The building Inspection division performs inspections to ensure building is in compliance v applicable Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy and Zoning Codes for the benefit and also safety of everyone.

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neighborhood Trees

The ar Tree preservation Division"s mission is come protect and nurture Austin’s trees on behalf of the ar through regulation, planning, and also collaborative work.

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development Assistance center

The advancement Assistance center (DAC) offers consulting services largely for business and commercial projects. Part residential projects may require a consultation at DAC, however should begin with a walk-in consultation at Residential setup Review.

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breakthrough Services room

The function of the advancement Services room is to provide excellent client service regarding planning, preservation and design solutions to build a far better Austin.

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historic Preservation

The historical Preservation Office protects and also enhances neighborhoods, buildings and also sites the reflect aspects of Austin’s cultural, social, economic, political and also architectural history.

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Residential setup Review

The Residential plan Review department reviews new construction, additions, and also interior remodel tasks for residences on one lot.

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service Center

The organization Center (formerly the allow Center) worries building and applicable profession (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, irrigation) permits, offers permit payment services, and registers licensed builders (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and irrigation) to do work.

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do by the City that Austin room of advance Services v the center for Design, Technology, & creation