Effective as of august 26, 2021The State the Illinois has actually returned to a mask mandate for everyone over the period of two. The Archdiocese of Chicago has instructed every parishes to adhere to the mask mandate for all Masses and indoor activities until additional notice.

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New years EveFriday, December 31, 2021NO 8:00 am Morning Mass

Mass5:00 PMSaturday, January 1, 2022NO 5:00 afternoon MassMasses9:00 AM11:00 AM

Feast that the EpiphanySunday, January 2, 2022Masses8:00 AM10:00 AM12:00 PM

The scriptures in A Year - acquire Started January 1, 2022Make your resolution now! start your year turn off by diving right into Scripture. Through the finish of 2022, you can make your means through the whole Bible. A well-known option, which will additionally be easily accessible in Spanish, is Ascension's holy bible in a Year Podcast organized by Fr. Mike Schmitz and also featuring Jeff Cavins.They overview guests v the holy bible in 365 episodes, starting January 1st.

Each 20-25 minute episode includes:

two to three scripture readings

a reflection native Fr. Mike Schmitz

and guided prayer to assist you hear God’s voice in his Word.

Unlike any type of other scriptures podcasts, Ascension’s scriptures in a Year Podcast for Catholics follows a reading plan inspired by the great Adventure holy bible Timeline® learning system, a groundbreaking approach to knowledge Salvation background developed by famous Catholic bible teacher Jeff Cavins. To explore ways to engage visit their website.


Pope Francis has called for a Synod that the whole Church - a method for united state to hear to one another and to the divine Spirit to guide us forward in this time of an excellent division. Pope Francis has actually said that “the purpose of this Synod, is no to create documents, however to tree dreams, draw forth prophecies and visions, permit hope come flourish, accumulate trust, tie up wounds, weave together relationships, awaken a dawn the hope, learn from one another and also create a glowing resourcefulness that will certainly enlighten minds, warmth hearts, give strength to our hands.” (Preparatory Document, #32). The Archdiocese has pulled together plenty of resources consisting of the Pope's homilies, a prayer because that the Synod, USCCB referrals for dioceses, the preparatory document and so lot more. Explore. Find out more about this way in i beg your pardon we will journey with each other as a Church. Click here to learn much more and to share her thoughts. And keep hear to ways to engage in the years ahead!


St. Matthew Parish is participating inWord on Fire engage from Bishop Barron.Please click on the link listed below to sign-up to accessibility this content.

Feast of the Holy family members of Jesus, Mary and also Joseph:December 26, 2021

SIR 3:2-6, 12-14 OR 1 SM 1: 20,22, 24-28; PS 128: 1-5 OR PS 84:2-3, 5-6, 9-10; COL 3:12-21 OR COL 3: 12-17; OR 1 JN 3:1-2, 21-24; LK 2:41-52

Today’s Gospel reading on this Feast of the Holy family gives united state a glimpse into the childhood of Jesus v his Mother, Mary, and also his foster father, Joseph. This is a family members like no various other — consists of the very Son that God, Mary, Queen of all Saints, and St. Joseph, patron the the global Church. Yet as we check out in today’s bible passage, lock led a life common of the family members of their day. They experienced countless of the same joys and also trials that all parents and also children experience also today. And also so, we can look to this family members for aid in our own family members lives and see in them a design of Stewardship in family members life.

The Gospel passage, indigenous Luke, start by informing us something around Jesus’ parents: “Each year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem because that the feast of the Passover, and also when he to be 12 years old, they went up follow to festival custom.” In various other words, this family took serious the Stewardship of their Time. The “Holy Couple” closely observed the traditions and practice of your Jewish faith and brought up their child to execute the same. They worshiped together a family and also with their belief community. And they did for this reason faithfully.

We have the right to take their instance to love by making Sunday massive attendance a priority for our families, by make prayer through our household a priority every day, through making sure that we routinely celebrate the sacrament the reconciliation, and also by observing in our family members life the feasts and also fasts ideal to the liturgical calendar. As soon as we, as families, prioritize ours Time with God and also worship of him we will certainly be imitating the holy Family.

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And when we are faced with the inevitable difficulties that come with household life, we will certainly be far far better equipped to take care of them, simply as the Holy household did. Us read simply a few verses later in our bible passage, that Mary and Joseph challenged every parent’s worst nightmare — they can’t discover Jesus! What parent cannot relate come this awful minute or at least the fear of together a moment. Maybe a small child wanders turn off in the store and also is physically absent as young Jesus was. Or probably an older child, though physically present, is spiritually or emotionally “missing” v addiction or lose of faith. In these times, too, we deserve to look come the Holy family members for guidance. Mary’s very human initial reaction upon finding Jesus — “Son, why have you done this to us? your father and I have been searching for you with an excellent anxiety” — comforts united state in our own suffering as we realize that our Blessed Mother has actually been through difficult times in family life, too. The Holy couple didn’t constantly understand their divine Son. Yet they love Him deeply and also gave him the ideal of themselves as parents. The divine Son, despite God, obeyed His parents, offering witness to the worth of parents and also family life.

On this Feast the the holy Family, let us reclaim the beauty and also importance of household life. Let’s commit to steward our households well in 2022, do time spent with God and also practicing our confidence the most essential appointments ~ above our household calendars. Let’s make 2022 a year in ours parish like never ever before. Happy Feast Day, parish family!


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