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All kinds of PossibilitiesExplore, questioning questions, satisfy as many world as you can and also soak it every in. We understand you"ll do an excellent things here, and also we can"t wait because that you to get started.

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Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University, whereby the best and brightest concerned achieve. A place where you will do it fit in by stand out. A location where having the courage come push limits is not only encouraged, however expected. This is your big moment, and also your possibility to shine.
Be sure to check earlier in April for much more information about visiting Carnegie Mellon digital or in person!
All kinds of Possibilities

Explore, ask questions, fulfill as many people as friend can and also soak it all in. We understand you"ll do an excellent things here, and we can"t wait for you to acquire started.

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For the Meeters and Greeters

Learn an ext about our ar of Tartans from where you are.jamesmerse.com TraditionsLife top top Campus


For the Questioners and also Connectors

If you have actually questions around the enrollment process or financial aid, look because that the LiveChat symbol or speak to us in ~ 412.268.2082.

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#TurnTartan TodayCarnegie Mellon look at so lot in you: The dreamer and doer. The reliably unpredictable. The subtly charismatic. Many of all, we watch an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind mind. Here, that takes people of every kinds to move humankind. And it specifically takes you.

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Carnegie Mellon university 5000 Forbes path Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412.268.2082 Email united state (opens in brand-new window)