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The Candlelight Wedding Chapel ~ above the ras Vegas Strip

From the Las vegas Sun:

It survived a tricky journey throughout town, required an ext than $250,000 in renovation, consisting of a new steeple, scavenged furnishings and electrical rewiring.

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But once you’re a 1966 wedding chapel — old by ras Vegas standards — and you have a couple of stories to tell, somebody’s bound come love you.

That’s nice much how it unfolded for the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, a quaint, free-standing churchlike framework with steep roof lines that satellite four years on las Vegas Boulevard.

Originally small Church that the West Algiers and also then All religions Wedding Chapel, it to be the very first chapel through an 800 number and also limo service. The married so plenty of couples daily that a side door was set up to usher out new newlyweds for this reason they wouldn’t bump right into wedding parties making your formal procession under the aisle.

When its soil was offered to the Fontainebleau project, the chapel satellite empty until its former operator, Gordon Gust, scooped that up and also gave it to the Clark county Museum.

On Saturday the chapel officially i do not care a new exhibit on the museum’s heritage Street and opens to the general public with a party, finish with live music, wedding cake and also photo ops because that couples who were married at the chapel.

“It’s among those things you don’t think of as history, yet it’s essential here,” says note Hall-Patton, administrator that the Clark ar Museum. “Five percent of all marital relationships in the United claims are held in Clark County. That’s one out of 20 marriages.”

Grants from the las Vegas Convention and also Visitors’ Authority and also the Nevada cultural Affairs the supervisory board paid because that the renovation, a task of the county’s 2009 Centennial celebration.

It landed on the museum in 2007. Renovation began in May.

The Candlelight Wedding Chapel when it came down on the Clark ar Museum

The chapel is decorated come its latest incarnation (white), fairly than its vault red exterior, paneled walls and also red carpet. Its original pews and organ are gone and replaced through a piano and also benches rescued from the ar courthouse, resized and refinished.

Its large neon sign, which was included later, is throughout town in ~ the Neon Museum.

Hall-Patton says museum staff had its eye on the chapel for 10 years, identify it as a structure the museum would favor to very own if that ever ended up being available. The museum is home to heritage Street, a tree-lined gravel road covert from Boulder Highway and also flanked through rescued historic homes, a rail depot and also a print shop.

Visitors deserve to sit top top the wooden rocking chairs on the porch that the Beckley House and also tour homes, every decked out to that is era, each with its very own nooks and crannies. They’re adorned in ~ Christmastime and welcome trick-or-treaters top top Halloween. (For Saturday’s party, the Clark ar Museum Guild will certainly serve cookies, v recipes specific to each home’s era.)

The railroad depot, taken to the site in 1976, to be the first building to arrive. The oldest home is a rail cottage (circa 1911-1914) awaiting renovation.

The chapel, influenced in design by the tiny Church that the West, is that youngest structure. Celebrities married there include Bette Midler, Michael Caine, Whoopi Goldberg and Barry White.

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“When we look at a building, we look at it from a standpoint the we could use the to best teach that part of ours history,” that says. “In 1931 Nevada liberated both divorces and also weddings. Reno obtained divorces. We ended up being the wedding capital.”

Candlelight Wedding Chapel gift restored

Special many thanks to Joel Rosales at leavinglv.net and also Allen Sandquist because that letting us these images.

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ns was married at this wedding chapel on June 30 1990. I"m for this reason glad the it is tho in existance! I would certainly love to step foot in there when again come celebrate our 20th. 13 job after our marital relationship there mine husband, a Marine, left for training, then for Desert Storm. 3 war tours to the Middle eastern later, we room going to celebrate our 20th. Forever in our hearts is the Candle light Wedding Chapel. Expect to visit soon!