If you are in search of DMCA safe music to stream in the elevator of your content, particularly for Twitch, click the button listed below to checkout this stream for sure music. 

This music is also component of “Sountrack because that Twitch” so perfect if you need it for Twitch streams in particular. 

If you want to learn much more about what a DMCA violation is, what form of music is enabled on Twicth and other resources of great DMCA for sure music, read on.

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What is a DMCA violation?

This instance is tho unfolding however right now, October 2020, streamers on Twitch are having actually their life work and life content on Twitch threatened without the way to appeal. Because that example, here is a tweet through the streamer, Devin Nash, highlighting what is right now happening.

It is INSANE that
Twitch notifies partners they deleted their content – and that there is much more content in violation in spite of having NO identification device to uncover out what that is. Their systems to DMCA is because that creators come delete your life’s work. This is pure, gross negligence. Pic.twitter.com/mhdXU5lEc5

— Devin (
DevinNash) October 20, 2020

This is terrifying for content creators and a nice horrendous experience as soon as it happens.

The solution to preventing the dreaded DMCA take down notice and to future-proof your contents on Twitch and YouTube, is to use safe come stream music the you know you have the full right to use in her streams without question. 

What kind of music have the right to I use on Twitch?

The Twitch neighborhood guidelines space really clean on what type of music content Twitch allows.

It says the adhering to at the moment of creating this article, October 2020. 

Here room some example species of music contents you may use in Twitch streams and also on-demand content:

Where can I uncover DMCA for sure Music because that my streams?

To provide some direction, below is a list of websites and also resources you have the right to use for free (providing you follow every one of their rules for attribution) that space safe from any type of DMCA retribution. 

The following is not an exhaustive list by any means. New channels, artists, and also websites will proceed to emerge in the future that will bring on the service of supplying content creators through music for their streams and videos. This will, however, hopefully be a beneficial list of areas where new creators start the somewhat an overwhelming world the Twitch or YouTube deserve to go come grab part safe and totally free tracks come use.

Great services like Epidemic Sound, SoundStripe, and music via StreamLabs Prime space all terrific ways because that Streamers to get access to non-DMCA songs, but we want to do a perform that focuses on completely cost-free resources, and also such, these room our recommendations. 

Best resources of complimentary and for sure to use Music

Louise Byrne Music

LBM has a broad assortment of background music (BGM) because that a organize of an innovative projects that you might be undertaking, whether it’s a thumping techno to win for your next contact of Duty montage or chill lo-fi medley to accompany your everyday streams. And, LBM has operated with and supplied BGM for big name suppliers like exploration Channel/Science, MTV, NBC Sports, The background Channel and VISA, for this reason you recognize you’re taking care of a quality and also verified service.

While part sites have the right to seem like a little bit cold v a absence of any point of contact and merely serve as a hosting platform for every the media they distribute, LBM has various emails you deserve to use to get an answer to your query and also speak to a real person, offers all the media/scenarios the their license covers, the terms for using their products, and offers distinct music to those that authorize up for their subscriber program.

You deserve to download music directly from LBM with a written licence to develop your very own playlist or you have the right to stream LBM music via Spotify through the artist Streamertrax. LBM is giving a good service to content creators for free, and also as a give thanks to you, friend can always buy she a coffee…

YouTube Channels

A really an excellent place because that this is the Channel “Audio Library – Music for content Creators”, the (as friend may have guessed from the name) is a Channel that’s dedicated to finding and also sourcing music for various other content creators to use. They additionally have a huge collection ~ above their website that consists a diverse selection of genres like Dance, Hip-Hop, and also Pop, and even more niche genres Classical and also Holiday. 

A usual thing you’ll uncover for many of these networks who provide an outlet because that the artists that make music because that this objective is offering a link ago to their site where the process for city hall genres, listening to previews, downloading the files, etc. Is a lot less complicated than acquiring the music native YouTube itself.


While castle mostly known for their release of Marshmello’s “Alone” and the April Fool’s Day tune “Crab Rave”, Monstercat additionally offer a subscription company that offers DMCA-free music that content creators have the right to use top top Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming streams. This organization (Monstercat Gold) prices $5 a month and enables you to download countless tracks, and comes through perks details to other methods of the site, prefer discounts in their store, gift able to inspect out details content early on and access to your Gold-only Discord.

We did point out that these resources would be free, and also while $5 a month is an affordable price for some people, putting down any much more money after purchasing various streaming devices like brand-new monitors and also graphics cards may not it is in something world are able to do, yet there is a caveat to making use of Monstercat.

If girlfriend use any kind of Monster music on channels and/or videos which are not monetised, you don’t have to pay for their Gold subscription plan. While it’s no ideal, some human being won’t uncover this to be an issue. If you monetise your videos and use any type of Monstercat music there is no a subscription, her videos deserve to be asserted (which is different from a strike) and all ad revenue on that video clip will go to Monstercat and the associated artist.

All that the terms for your music and also licensing are defined on their website here.

Pretzel Rocks

One that the many popular choices for Streamers is the organization Pretzel Rocks, which features slightly in different way to the other abovementioned sites in that it’s not a royalty-free library, yet rather a built-in streaming service.

PR is kind of like a DMCA for sure radio app. As soon as you’re all set to absent off your stream, you merely start increase the Pretzel Rocks app (or optionally you can play music native a browser) and also let the serenade her stream.

Another an excellent aspect of using PR is the you’ll save loads on storage as you don’t have to download and also keep document after record on your regional drive, and also the music is constantly to update by the beloved guys and also gals top top the Pretzel Rocks team.

PR provides all its services for free, and there is also a premium version for $15 a month (and a 30 day complimentary trial) the comes with bonus attributes like a premium Discord role, and also 70% that this payment goes towards sustaining all the artist that function their tracks on the service. Every in all, PR is definitely worth looking into if you a Streamer.


Much like it’s video brethren YouTube, Spotify is another bountiful ar to discover a plethora of different species of tracks and also search because that new cost-free sources that music. 

By simply searching “Royalty free” on Spotify you will do it come across certain royalty-free artist account in genres choose EDM, House, Electronic, Acoustic, Salsa, Rap, the perform goes on and also on. There’s additionally a huge range of playlists and albums the other human being have put together for certain moods and themes, choose Horror, Christmas, and also Gaming.

To execute this, ensure you inspect the playlist and also artist and ensure the monitor is noted as royalty complimentary and for sure to stream. Next, only select artists ~ above Spotify that offer links and also have an exterior websites through licence information on just how you can use the music, for instance Streamertrax or BassRebels.

Streamertrax is featured together an artist top top Spotify, but if friend navigate come the streamertrax website, you have the right to download a composed licence that gives you created permission, proving you have the right to stream your music.

In Summary:

Although we are currently in uncertain waters and it make take some time because that Twitch and other streaming platforms such as YouTube to find a route that protects your streamers, music providers and themselves all at once, in the meantime it is important for content creator to take as many mindful steps as possible to ensure the music they use is non-DMCA or DMCA safe.

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At the time of writing, new services such as “Soundtrack because that Twitch” are being developed and is currently in beta mode. If you space on Twitch you will be able to get access to cost-free music that is officially DMCA clearing by Twitch themselves.