I was simply sitting here thinking I would replay through the story and also see exactly how much the hero’s have readjusted over time. However, mine WiFi is down and also I completely forgot girlfriend can’t also get into the menu without some type of connection. This is a temporary difficulty for me so the doesn’t yes, really matter but I had actually a happen thought. That something I’ve believed about an ext than once. What if you could play for Honor offline? and maybe even play the in some kind of Split-screen mode? Duels would certainly be perfect because that this and it would certainly be fun in my opinion. And also to continue, why does the story setting require a connection if you’re playing by you yourself anyways? Or if you space okay with simply fighting A.I.? that a good game and I would certainly recommend it come anyone that enjoys ability based games. Yet I have to admit, offline gameplay would aid some and wouldn’t be that poor of an idea in mine opinion. We already have to work A.I.! many of the time

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Feel free to ask an ext questions if you need extr clarification on the topic

For respect cannot be played offline simply because your account is tied to her story progress (level, observables and breakables) and also this info is save on Ubi servers, together opposed to your regional device. Is there any benefit come this? yes actually, you can uninstall and also redownload the games as numerous times as you want (on the same platform) and also your story progress will no be erased!

Splitscreen sounds choose a cool concept yet I think it would certainly be nigh feasible to pull turn off in this video game at this allude in it's lifecycle. Additionally like, what's the point? simply grab a friend and also gameshare or something and play together (RIP Couch Co-op). Yeah i think splitscreen is cool but if you want me come be ethical if the doesn't create revenue would certainly a business really assistance the decision? The prize is complicated... If Ubi wanted to develop goodwill with the playerbase, climate making decision that offer no other purpose other than come make little demographics happy is like a GOD relocate (Horizon Zero Dawn letting you toggle head equipment in cutscenes was included post-launch and also was probably the fucking funniest point they did because their SINGLEPLAYER video game was perfect in ~ launch anyway). ~ above the various other hand, in an market with limited technical talent and also increasingly sporadic resources, ns would prefer if they spent their time and also effort making decisions that boost the longevity that the game. What kind of decisions are those, girlfriend ask?

Lol I have actually no clue. I made some popcorn and am waiting to watch too. Based Ubi will certainly not do me dirty ever before again if ns just think they have actually the gamer's interest at heart.

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Why walk story mode require connection if you room playing by yourself: come make certain you don't shed progress when you (inevitably) uninstall (or ragequit), so you can always come back and hear Apollyon's husky voice.

AI will just get better as time go on, offline gameplay would be nice but what would certainly you rather? new content because that the entire playerbase (i.e. Miscellaneous everyone have the right to see the worth in) or niche content that just benefits a little segment that the playerbase. If the answer appears clear cut, I will certainly remind girlfriend again that it's yes, really fucking complicated.

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Goddamn it you re welcome don't be bait. I love creating stuff favor this yet I simply want to actually help people ffs. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.