How to kill Emrakul? protection from spell: what is it and how it’s work? can you exile Emrakul through Oblivion Ring?


Oracle Text:

Legendary biology — Eldrazi

Emrakul, the Aeons torn can’t it is in countered.

When you cast Emrakul, take an extra turn after this one.

Flying, defense from colored spells, annihilator 6

When Emrakul is put right into a graveyard indigenous anywhere, that is owner shuffles his or she graveyard right into his or her library.

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Colorless, nonartifact, legendary

Emrakul is colorless since it has no shade mana symbols in the mana cost, yet it is no an artifact, because it doesn’t have word “artifact” in its form line.

On the various other hand, we view that Emrakul is Legendary, so the is affected by “Legend Rule”: 2 or much more Legendary permanents through the exact same name don’t remain on the battlefield under the manage of the same player. Well, they can stay, yet not for a long time, precisely until the next time SBA are performed. Whenever a second Emrakul appears on the battlefield under the very same player"s control, that player must choose one of them and also put the other into the graveyard. Follow to the rule (since 13.07.2013) each player may regulate Emrakul that his own.

When Emrakul is put right into a graveyard indigenous anywhere

Emrakul has actually an ability connected through it gift put right into the graveyard (from anywhere). This is a prompted ability, so that triggers regardless of the player’s desires. Once Emrakul is put into a graveyard (from the battlefield or native a library or native the hand, literally native anywhere), the ability triggers. Then, once the player gets priority, the goes on the stack, and only then it deserve to resolve. Let’s make part conclusions:

Emrakul actually is put into the graveyard — if not, its ability doesn’t trigger;

This ability is not a leaves-the-battlefield capability since it has the message “into a graveyard from anywhere”). It triggers from the graveyard, no from the battlefield. Feel the difference:


If you adversary controls Leyline the the Void, your Emrakul never ever goes come the graveyard. Therefore the replacement result will exile the instead.



If a player forgot to shuffle Emrakul, which saw the graveyard, into his or she library, this is taken into consideration a “missed trigger”.

Protection from colored spells

Emrakul has a static ability which functions only when Emrakul is on the battlefield. This is a very important fact number one. A an extremely important fact number two: Emrakul has protection indigenous spells, and not from anything else. And the vital fact number three is: security doesn"t average that any kind of colored order won’t influence Emrakul.


— can Wrath of God damage Emrakul?

— Sure! Wrath of God doesn’t target and also it doesn’t deal damage.

— have the right to I kill Emrakul through Hurricane ~ above 15?

— Nope. Hurricane doesn’t target, however it deals damage, which will be prevent by protection.

— What about counters from black color Sun’s Zenith?

— favor Wrath of God, janice doesn’t target and doesn’t deal damage, so counter will be inserted on Emrakul. And 15+ the them will certainly send Emrakul come its owner’s graveyard. It’s SBA.

— may I target the Emrakul v Extirpate?

— Obviously. Security doesn’t job-related in a graveyard. By the way, Emrakul actually can be in the graveyard.

— have the right to Oblivion Ring exile Emrakul?

— Yes. We should know that Oblivion Ring assignment doesn’t target in ~ all. Here we resolve the triggered capacity of Oblivion Ring, which is a permanent.

— can Royal Assassin kill Emrakul?

— Yes. Due to the fact that here we resolve a permanent’s ability again.

Source that the very first Ulamog’s create is the spell. Usully that trigger can target because Ulamog is colorless

But if Ulamog was offered a shade by Painter’s Servant, Emrakul can’t target of Ulamog’s trigger due to the fact that its resource is the fancy spell.

Gaze of Pain produce a delay triiggered ability. Its source is the black spell. So the can’t target Emrakul!

Can’t be countered

Emrakul, the Aeons torn can’t it is in countered, yet nobody can prevent you from targeting it through a against spell or ability. A assignment or ability will solve normally, but the countering component of its impact will be ignored.

If you great to eliminate Emrakul native the stack you deserve to use an additional ways: Time prevent or Mindbreak catch will execute it perfectly fine.

You can’t counter Emrakul by Remand, but you deserve to target it and also you will attract a card on Remand"s resolution.

When you cast Emrakul…

The main suggest in this triggered ability is its create event. Emrakul must be cast. That doesn’t matter from i beg your pardon zone and what wake up next. This capacity doesn’t treatment whether Emrakul pertains to the battlefield or not. It cares only for the truth that it was cast.

Keep in mind the in bespeak to trigger this capability it’s not enough just to put Emrakul on the battlefield without actually spreading it:

If you put Emrakul into the battlefield as result of Show and Tell’s resolution, you will not get an extra turn.

NB: this capability goes come the ridge after the Emrakul spell and also hence will certainly be resolved before it.

Now it’s time to tell couple of words about extra turn.

You will take one extra turn directly after the present turn (the turn as soon as Emrakul cause was resolved). In a Two-Headed Giant video game you team bring away the extra turn. See ascendancy 805.8. In an ext exotic cool Melee variant multiple players deserve to take transforms at the very same time. See preeminence 807. If over there is some effect causes a revolve to be skipped, this effect and “extra turn” effect from Emrakul room mutually annihilating. If you take an extra turn during five extr turns after ~ the complement time border is reached, there will be exactly five added turns. But you will certainly take an ext turns 보다 your opponent. (on the assumption of the turn, as soon as Emrakul trigger was resolved, wasn’t the critical one).


Yet one more triggered ability. You should know that that triggers and resolves prior to declaration the blockers. For this reason a player can’t send a biology to block Emrakul and also than sacrifice it because that the annihilator. Likewise note the the annihilator capability doesn’t target anything.

If you regulate Runed Halo with Emrakul named on it, your opponent can attack you with Emrakul, annihilator will certainly still trigger and you will have to sacrifice 6 permanent.

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If after resolution that annihilator Runed aur is tho on the battlefield, damage from Emrakul’s assault will it is in prevented by protection.

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