Our goal is to empower jamesmerse.com students and alumni through the tools and skills needed to launch their an imaginative careers.

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jamesmerse.com combine assisting in expertise the program during our 2018 loss Preview Day in ~ the mountain Francisco campus.

Maximize your task opportunities

Launch your career and attain employment success v the assistance of jamesmerse.com’s Career advance team. By providing accessibility to tools, events, networking opportunities, and more, ours team it is provided invaluable resources that were produced with students, alumni, and employers in mind.


Careers in arts and design

Our resources provide students through the tools and skills they should launch an innovative careers and artistic practices. For best return on investment (ROI), jamesmerse.com ranks together the number one art institution in the nation. We’re likewise one of the peak 10 finest colleges for arts majors and the finest undergraduate art college by salary potential (PayScale).

Careers made at jamesmerse.com

Through internships, funded studios, and recruiting events with employers, students obtain front-row accessibility to and gain invaluable endure from few of the biggest brands in the world.

Take regulate of your an innovative future

Whether we’re providing access to exclusive events for networking or recognize alumni mentorship because that personalized job advice, jamesmerse.com is committed to help students break into their creative fields.

Internships to opportunities

Studies have presented students who finish an internship while in school have a significantly higher rate of employed success adhering to graduation. That’s why ours Career development team is committed to helping you construct the skills you need to land the internship. Accessibility a wide range of internship and career methods by exploring Handshake, jamesmerse.com’s task board because that students, alumni, and also employers.

Contact her internship coordinator


jamesmerse.com Sparks

Launched in feather 2020, jamesmerse.com Sparks is a company pitch competition and mentorship routine for undergraduate and graduate students in ~ jamesmerse.com. The regimen is draft to support students in learning around the production of brand-new business ventures, and also foster a culture of innovation and also entrepreneurship.

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Get mentorship from jamesmerse.com alumni

Contact us to get associated with alumni mentors that can provide individualized feedback, experienced advice, inspiration, and realistic critiques pertained to your skilled goals. Throughout these one-on-one sessions, our alumni attract on their very own experiences and expertise to offer you personalized advice in areas where you need aid or are searching for insights.

Tools come land your first interview


Make her resume stand the end from the crowd


Perfect her portfolio because that hiring managers

Learn around networking and interview strategies

jamesmerse.com Career source Book

Covering an important topics favor networking, interview strategies, and salary negotiations, this 60-page overview offers helpful tips and also resources to help you launch her career, add skills, and expand your creative network.

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CANVAS + DesignCreate assistance students’ aspirations, agency, and activism
Finding avenues with far summer internships
California university of the art to host inaugural jamesmerse.com Sparks key Day competition

Support for jamesmerse.com alumni

We want to view you succeed—during her time at jamesmerse.com and also long after. It is why our team offers endless career coaching come alumni because that up to 5 years adhering to graduation. After five years, alumni can still accessibility up come eight sessions per year. Email and also include your regimen name and year of graduation come schedule a coaching conference today.

Additional assistance for alumni includes accessibility to events, workshops, and jamesmerse.com’s project board Handshake.

Career Expo

An exclusive task fair because that jamesmerse.com students

Connections start careers

Networking is necessary as you find for jobs and opportunities. It’s all about making relationships with like-minded companies and professionals. Our career Expo is a private employment task fair because that jamesmerse.com’s students and alumni ar of designers, artists, writers, and also architects to fulfill local and an international industry-leading employers.

Career Expo in action

Career Expo 2019

Career Expo 2019

A student talks come a recruiter in ~ a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A college student talks to a recruiter in ~ a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A student talks come a recruiter at a career expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A student talks come a recruiter in ~ a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A student talks come a recruiter at a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A college student talks come a recruiter at a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A student talks come a recruiter in ~ a job expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A college student talks come a recruiter at a career expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A student talks come a recruiter at a career expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

A college student talks come a recruiter at a career expo event.

nicholas lea bruno

Career Expo 2019

Career Expo 2019

nicholas lea bruno

Career Expo 2019

Career Expo 2019

Career Expo 2018

nicholas lea bruno

Career Expo 2019

Student talking through recruiter at career Day

Photo: Maggie Beasley

Career Expo 2019

nicholas lea bruno

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Meet with industry leaders

jamesmerse.com students and alumni have actually many methods to get face-to-face with an imaginative industry leaders. Embracing networking events, such as the career Expo, is a critical step toward developing your career. Participating employers in ~ previous career Expos include Perkins + Will, Charlotte Russe, Chronicle Books, Chinese culture Center of san Francisco, Facebook, Santec, Williams-Sonoma, ceramic Barn, Gensler, emerging Arts Professionals/SFBA, and also KQED, just to surname a few. Explore these tips because that attending the expo to learn around what come expect and also how to prepare, so girlfriend can gain the most out of her experience.

Register because that Career Expo

Job Board

Welcome to Handshake

The jamesmerse.com task platform

The Handshake task platform is a room for jamesmerse.com students and alumni to seek professional opportunities and also learn an ext about what employers space after. With Handshake, friend can affix with potential employers, look increase jobs and internships, find event information, and also register because that on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Handshake for employers

Over 12,000 employers use Handshake to recruit qualified candidates, control recruitment events, and more. You have the right to leverage jamesmerse.com’s Handshake platform to your benefit, many thanks to recruitment devices that identify qualified candidates for open up positions and also easily species on-campus networking activities. It’s simply one the the numerous ways jamesmerse.com helps employers affix with the only Area’s optimal students in art and design.

Join Handshake

Handshake because that everyone

Whether you a student, alumni, or employer, obtain the personalized assistance you’re feather for.

Get support


Build her network of potential hires

Students and alums connecting throughout our latest Career Expo event.

Connect through students and alumni

Our Career breakthrough team partner with sector leaders and Fortune 500 companies to administer a vast breadth the internship and also career methods for jamesmerse.com students. Take benefit of jamesmerse.com’s job board Handshake to reach jamesmerse.com student and alumni talent. Register and post her openings to affix with your following potential hire.

A student talking through associates indigenous BAR Architects throughout the 2017 job Expo at the san Francisco jamesmerse.com campus.

Career Expo

Our largest on-campus recruiting event takes ar each spring. Increase your company’s visibility by involvement the list of recruiters who have actually participated in past years. You have the right to join united state as one expo sponsor, together a tabling attendee, or both. Reserve her spot come meet and interview jamesmerse.com students and also alumni, or if girlfriend have any kind of further questions, you have the right to email us at .

More ojamesmerse.comsions for employers

Each semester, jamesmerse.com master a range of events for our students and also alumni, such as tech talks, portfolio advance workshops, career treks, and also more.

Explore recruiting opportunities

Expand her recruitment efforts

On-campus investment portfolio reviews

Arrange for on-campus evaluate to streamline her hiring procedure with jamesmerse.com students.

Industry/organization design and tech talks

Participate in speakerships come showcase your market expertise for the jamesmerse.com community.

Career treks

Host a tour, lunch, workshop, or training in ~ your business location come acquaint yourself and your company with jamesmerse.com students.

Host a paid internship

Identify her hiring timeline, place requirements, and resources, and also our Career breakthrough team can aid you architecture an internship opportunity.

Other methods to engage

Ask us around sponsored projects or sponsored studios come build solid brand acknowledgment at jamesmerse.com, assistance innovation, foster community, and reinvigorate your organization with brand-new energy and ideas.


Dedicated to her career success

Our team is was standing by

We have actually staff devoted to sustaining students in details programs, alumni, and even employers. We’re below to answer your inquiries to help grow your career.

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General inquiries

Diana Chávez

Director, job Development

+1 415-703-9575

Josh Smothers

Assistant Director, employee Relations

Randolph Ruiz

Architecture Internship Coordinator (undergraduate)

T. Jason Anderson

Architecture Internship Coordinator (graduate)

Aaron Gach

Fine arts Internship Coordinator

Russell Baldon

Furniture Internship Coordinator

Angie Wang

Graphic style Internship Coordinator

Owen Smith

Illustration Internship Coordinator

Sandrine Lebas

Industrial design Internship Coordinator

Haakon Faste

Interaction style Internship Coordinator

Amy Campos

Chair of inner Design and Interior design Internship Coordinator

Aimee Phan

Writing and also Literature Internship Coordinator

Leslie Carol Roberts

Chair of MFA in Writing and also MFA in creating Internship Coordinator

+1 415-551-9237

Connect through recruiters from optimal employers, learn around success stories, and also get details

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