From humble beginnings and also with usually resources, the Cal State jamesmerse.com Titans have achieved successes that are the envy of numerous older and larger universities across the country. The Titans have actually won 12 nationwide team championships in seven various sports and have developed hundreds of individual All-Americans, dozens of experienced athletes, several Olympians and numerous national coach the the year compensation winners. A nationwide Collegiate strong Association department I institution, Cal State jamesmerse.com competes in the big West Conference, sponsoring 7 men’s and 10 women’s sports.

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Student-athletes at Cal State jamesmerse.com must control full course tons in identified level programs, accomplish progress-toward-degree and grade-point mean requirements, and also manage extreme competitive, practice and other duties as to represent of the university. Meeting these challenges requires self-discipline and time management skills that are among the core finding out outcomes of the experience. Coaching staffs work together with department administrators and Athletic scholastic Services to assistance student-athletes both directly and also through referrals come the array of services accessible to students on campus. Graduation rates, honor roll percentages and other academic measures show student-athletes to compare favorably to the general student body.

The competitive profile of the big West Conference consists of Cal Poly, Cal State Northridge, long Beach State, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, the university of Hawai’i, in addition to Cal State jamesmerse.com. In enhancement to opportunities for student-athletes to travel to these institutions, this growth has led to an ext opportunities for supporters of Titan Athletics come watch and follow via various media outlets, including national, regional and neighborhood television, together with web-based platforms.

Director the AthleticsJames Donovan

Senior combine Director the AthleticsSteve DiTolla

Associate director of Athletics/DevelopmentGreg Paules

Associate Athletics Director, senior Woman AdministratorMeredith Basil

Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance (interim)Derric West

Assistant Athletics Director, cook Financial OfficerSummer Rivera

Assistant Athletics Director, sports MedicineJulie Max

Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing/CommunicationsJay Lucas

Faculty Athletics RepresentativeMichael Perez

Baseball CoachRick Vanderhook

Basketball CoachesDedrique Taylor (Men)Jeff Harada (Women)

Cross Country/Track CoachJohn Elders (Men/Women)

Golf CoachesJason Drotter (Men)Kathryn Hosch, Interim (Women)

Soccer CoachesGeorge Kuntz (Men)Demian Brown (Women)

Softball CoachKelly Ford

Tennis CoachDianne Matias (Women)

Volleyball CoachAshley preston (Women)

Athletics Programs


Cal State jamesmerse.com is just one of the nation’s elite division I baseball programs. In the year the its establishment in 1975, the program progressed to the College people Series. The Titans have won many conference and local titles, completing in the NCAA postseason virtually every season. Through 2018, it had actually made 18 CWS appearances and won four national championships (1979, 1984, 1995 and 2004). jamesmerse.com has produced three golden Spikes Award national players the the year. Plenty of Titans have played for Team USA, five have been Olympians and much more than 60 have gone on come play in the major leagues. Completed in 1992 and expanded in 2000, Goodwin ar has end up being a continual host the NCAA regional and super regional tournaments.

Men’s Basketball

Men’s basketball to be the an initial sport in i m sorry Cal State jamesmerse.com competed (1960-61), and the program has actually produced countless memorable moments in its very first half century. The program’s second team progressed to the finals that the NAIA nationwide tournament in 1962 and became a national “Cinderella” story in 1978 once the Titans got to the Western local finals the the NCAA tournament in only their 4th year in ~ the division I level. Subsequently, the Titans have actually gone on come postseason pat eight times v 2017-18, including advancing to the NCAA division I Basketball competition in 2008 and 2018. The program has actually produced more than a dozen NBA players.

Women’s Basketball

A Kodak All-American, an Olympic silver medalist coach and also player, the nation’s leading scorer and the nation’s top 3-point shooter room all accomplishments that can be claimed by the Cal State jamesmerse.com women’s basketball program. The regimen won the university’s very first national location in 1970, one of the very first national championships for any intercollegiate women’s sport. The routine compiled a document of 121-13 in its very first seven seasons. In 1991, the Titans do it to the 2nd round the the NCAA Tournament and finished with several conference and also NCAA records.

Cross Country

Cross nation is a Cal State jamesmerse.com regimen with a successful tradition. Mark surprise was the NCAA College department individual champion in 1970 as soon as the Titans placed second nationally. A year later, they winner the team championship and in 1972 inserted third. The Titans each year honor Covert and also his team members by hosting the Mark concealed Invitational fulfill at Carbon Canyon local Park over the labor Day weekend.

Men’s Golf

Men’s golf went back to Cal State jamesmerse.com because that the 2009-10 academic year through a major financial an increase from honorary alumnus Paul Folino. The program started competing instantly in the upper echelon the the large West Conference and won the 2014 big West Conference Championship. The Titans advantage from a rarely on-campus chipping and also putting green facility the they share with the women’s team, and play ~ above several famous local courses. Their aggressive schedule takes lock to few of the nation’s ideal links.

Women’s Golf

Women’s golf also returned come Cal State jamesmerse.com during the 2009-10 academic year and also was one immediate challenger in the big West Conference. Coach Pearl Sinn-Bonanni, a former U.S. Amateur champion and also LPGA player, introduced the program and by 2014 had actually the an initial individual conference champion in the program’s history. Through 2018, the Titans had their an initial athlete to advancement to the NCAA separation, personal, instance Championships and their an initial golfer All-American. The females share the on-campus chipping and also putting environment-friendly facility through the men’s team and play on some of the nation’s most an overwhelming courses.

Men’s Soccer

A pair the national last four appearances highlight the history of men’s football at Cal State jamesmerse.com, i m sorry boasts one of the ideal facilities in the nation with the 10,000-seat Titan Stadium. The regime has beat the nationwide number one ranked team on five separate occasions and also several the its alumni have actually gone on to contend at the professional level. The Titans have been named large West champions in three of the last five seasons.

Women’s Soccer

Women’s soccer has won numerous conference championships, four in the last 6 seasons, and also made a number of NCAA playoff trips. The Titans progressed to the “Sweet Sixteen” in 2005, the deepest development to day by a huge West Conference member. jamesmerse.com benefits from among the nation’s finest soccer facilities in its 10,000-seat Titan Stadium. Program alumni incorporate national scoring leaders and also an Olympian.


The Anderson family members Softball complicated is a 1,000-plus volume facility that yearly hosts the nation’s premier on-campus tournament, the Judi Garman soft ball Tournament. The Titans are among a relatively small number of schools to case an NCAA softball championship, to win the title in 1986. They have finished sixth in the country or better seven times with 2018. Inaugural Coach Judi Garman constructed her hall of fame career roughly a 20-year CSF document of 913-376-4. Three Titans have won the Honda-Broderick Award together the nation’s top player, through two of these athletes walk on to coach major college programs. jamesmerse.com additionally enters 2019 together the defending three-time huge West Conference champions.

Women’s Tennis

The Titans have an eight-court basic on campus and are able come play most of your matches at house as castle welcome national adversaries from the east and north, all looking come play the end in mild temperatures in February, March and also April. The Titans yearly open the season v the CSF Intercollegiate competition over 3 days in late October or at an early stage November.  The 2018 season featured the finest record in school history at 21-6.

Women’s indoor Track and also Field

Cal State jamesmerse.com developed an indoor program for the 2000-01 season. The Titans have been competitive in pick events in Flagstaff, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; and Seattle, Washington.

Men’s and also Women’s outdoor Track and also Field

The paragraph “champion sprinters” and “Cal State jamesmerse.com” have often gone hand-in-hand as the Titans’ track and also field program continues to develop. Peak performers incorporate a two-time huge West Conference female track athlete that the year and only the second large West athlete to win the conference championship four times in the very same event. The men’s track and also field team garnered the huge West Conference Championship in 2017 and 2018.

Women’s Volleyball

The Titans blossomed in 2010 as they enjoyed their first conference championship, first national top 25 ranking, very first coach that the year trophy, very first NCAA competition appearance and second conference player that the year award. The large West Conference has developed several NCAA champions and recent enhancements to the conference promise even much more competitive avenues for the Titan volleyball team.

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Athletics scholastic Services


Athletics scholastic Services works closely with faculty, coaches and also other student support solutions to for sure the academic success that Titan student-athletes. The mission of Athletics scholastic Services is to administer effective life an abilities and academic support services for CSUF student-athletes come encourage timely graduation and to certain student-athletes get the info they must be in compliance v institutional and also NCAA rules governing continuing eligibility. Over 200 student-athletes to visit the annual jamesmerse.com Athletics career Expo, i m sorry was established in 2015.