The following policy is to facilitate far better use that the examine room spaces because that all.

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Face coverings have to be worn in examine rooms.Social distancing is recommended.Study Rooms might be reserved and also used by present students.A Bronco card is essential to access all study Rooms. Your BroncoName and also BroncoPassword is necessary to usage the online reservation system.Eating, smoking, or inappropriate actions is not permitted and will result in your reservation gift terminated by Library Staff. Noise levels must be maintained to a minimum.The rooms room not come be provided as an extension of Faculty/Faculty teaching Assistant Office Hours; or classrooms; Fraternity, Sorority, or club/organization meeting places.Reservations will be held 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. If the person who made the preventive is not present after the 10-minute grace period, the preventive is forfeited and the time slot becomes accessible to others. To claim the forfeited time slot, you re welcome go to the second floor Circulation desk to have actually the original reservation canceled. Once the preventive is canceled, you must sign-in come reserve the research room and have the moment slot reassigned come you.Maximum  reservation time border is 3 hours. Reservations that exceed 3 hours will be deleted.Room reservations may be booked up to 1 mainly in advance.Study Room reservations are restricted to 1 every day, per individual. Bookings that extend outside of library hrs cannot it is in honored.Furniture need to not be relocated in or the end of the research Rooms.Writing on glass home windows or doors is no permitted.Library staff routinely monitors all research Rooms. The Library reserves the appropriate to enter any kind of Study Room any kind of time.Do no leave her valuables unattended in the research Room at any kind of time. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.Please leave the study Room cost-free and clear of books or files on the tables and also place rubbish in garbage baskets.

Click the "I Agree" switch to continue to the preventive system. Otherwise, click "Go Home" instead. Maximum reservation time border is 3 hours. Appointments that exceed 3 hrs will be deleted. Study Room appointments are restricted to 1 every day, per week, per individual. Added reservations will be deleted.

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You will certainly receive an email confirmation of your reservation and any transforms at her Cal Poly Pomona email account.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions or comments, please speak to the Circulation desk at  (909)869-3075.