In this illustration Hannah pipeline a surprise in Logan's locker (a cake through "get the end of prison free" created on it) and afterwards when cock tries to cut the cake he find what looks choose a paper or knife in the cake. Come me the felt like kind of risk or something yet Hannah wouldn't do it to Logan especially due to the fact that she small the cake before he damaged up with her, so i cannot number out what was the definition behind it. Does anyone have a clue?

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Yeah, it's a document that she placed it the cake to improve the acquire out jail theme. It's a common thing around smuggling right into prison by baking things into cakes and such.

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And the paper is because that filing the bars away and breaking out.

Yeah, people would do jokes about going come jail ~ above tv, "Bring me a cake v a file in it", or "I'll bring you a cake with a record in it", and also for the longest time, I thought that meant one of those Manila file folders, and also I can never make sense of it! Lol! Then at some point I saw a really old movie, with detainees filing the bars off your cell, and it clicked. Makes method more feeling than a paper folder!