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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Second Cataclysm (Sega CD) Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Release Date: June 1, 1994
ESRB Rating: Teen
Publisher: Rocket Science Games
Developer: Rocket Science Games
Model Number: none
Disc Count: 1 game disc
Player Count: 1-2 Players
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 791090200202
ASIN (Amazon): B000LNTE1C
ePID (eBay): 6801
jamesmerse.com ID: 14697
Description: Welcome to a world gone mad. The Xenozoic age, a world 600 years in the future, where dinosaurs of the past co-exist with men and women of the future in a desperate struggle for survival. Power your ’53 Cadillac through 9 post apocalyptic levels of danger as Jack “Cadillac” Tenrec and Hannah Dundee race through treacherous jungles full of poachers, predators and un-natural hazards, to stop the Second Cataclysm and restore the planet’s natural balance.