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8 June 2018
3.22 / 5.00.5 indigenous 890 ratings
#939 because that 2018

experimental Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, summary Hip Hop Jazz Poetry, Glitch Hop, mindful Hip Hop, Sound Collage, Vocal Jazz
surreal, cryptic, masculine vocals, poetic, abstract, sampling, eclectic, avant-garde, quirky, manic, psychedelic, atmospheric, secret


Hodgy Akbar trumpet1Reggie Carson Jr. Bass11Robert “Bullet” Harris guitar11Mikal Majeed-Hammond keyboards11, organ11Don “Papa Dee” Littleton percussion11Tylana strings19
MoltenIce jan 06 2021 4.50 stars
I'd like to emphasize a pair things here. For one, Busdriver freshly released an broadened edition that this album the not just eliminates the miniscule interlude that 'break' but additionally separates the album right into two clear discs. Power Is ~ above Our side is a dual album. That could prevent girlfriend from dismissing it together something that's bloated and loaded v filler. Although, to be fair, there's definitely some filler.Secondly, I'm conscious of the sexual assault allegations versus him, and also I wish Busdriver had taken castle much an ext seriously than he did. By merely tweeting a thread about it and deleting the tweets some time later, virtually all discussion about the event seems to have actually dissipated. That have to not have actually happened. Ns wish he had addressed them much more precisely, ns wish he had actually apologized or at least made a clean statement of denial or admission, yet most importantly, suspect it to be true, i wish that hadn't excellent anything at all. The allegations space all ns think about when i listen come this. Which provides me sad, due to the fact that I think this is one of the many cutting-edge i know good hop albums exit in a long, lengthy time.I'm serious. This is choose the Clarence Clarity of i know good hop. We've already had Busdriver's omnipresent, idiosyncratic flows and also lingual quirks for years, but pairing that with this kind of manufacturing makes a whole world of difference. It's handled mostly by Busdriver himself throughout the album, however it also features production job-related from folks that are notably not i know well hop producers, favor Dntel and especially Fumitake Tamura, who provides abstract ambient music most of the time. The track I'm from a different Time has one the my favorite beats on any hip hop song. As its bell tones swirl and see-saw favor they're being played top top a damaged cassette recorder, Busdriver raps in a similar manner. He speeds up as his mental filter disintegrates, and snaps himself earlier to reality as soon as he's able come spew the end one coherent, concise phrase. This tune is perfect, also with consisting of the glitchy outro v chopped vocals.Sometimes EIOOS delivers incredibly speculative cuts choose the aforementioned track, yet that is not constantly the case. The Year I came to be a Mutherfuckin' G, aside from the production from Dntel that's still very unorthodox for an summary hip hop record, is largely straightforward. There's an reliable hook, a usual verse-hook-guest-hook structure, and also it's basically five minutes of silly, witty bars. FUKN is an additional wonderful instance of a rap track being systematized enough for general consumption, together its win is not so varied it distracts friend from the artful rapping, yet it's pleasant sufficient to save you entertained because that the whole length.There room so plenty of styles of hip hop present throughout every one of Electricity Is In our Side, and also they're lugged together by the general sense the playfulness and carefree experimentation. To it is in fair, the does an outcome in tracks prefer Exploding Slowly and also Improvisers Anthem, which ns really can't say space highlights. But there is a vast number of highlights that covers most of the tracklist. This focal point out come in the type of jazz lab (literally jazz rap, favor rapping over an unedited jazz music performance) and experimental hip hop, and totally spaced-out probes right into a totally different dimension of hip hop that's much more hyperactive and also layered than what we usually listen to.I love the music on this album. I'm no a fan of Busdriver as a person, yet this album I view myself defending as a shining example of i know well hop's modern-day progression because that a lengthy time. I certainly hope another youngster is able come gracefully catch this album's music stylings eventually, since I am admittedly uncomfortable return to this one as often as ns do. Who else has to make music like this. It cannot be simply one man.
_wenderen Nov 13 2020 2.50 stars

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ailing beats, an excellent flow, poorly-edited album. After a few tracks, whatever melds together into a soup of glitchy, funky win in which nothing was standing out and also nothing memorable remains.