Take my love, take my soil take it me where I cannot was standing ns don"t care, I"m still complimentary friend can"t take the skies from me.

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Everything"s an interpretation seems quite obvious, other than for "Take me wherein I cannot stand."

Have any kind of of the creators or authors commented ~ above its meaning?

Please Note: I"m questioning for the main meaning, as offered by the creators, no your an individual interpretation.



Joss Whedon created the template song, i beg your pardon is called The Ballad of Serenity. But I have discovered nothing official that explicitly states a definition behind the song.

The fight of Serenity valley was an essential battle the Browncoats lost, in the unification War. It was literally whereby they can not organize their position, or "stand".

I think the an initial verse is "set" before the battle, yet during the unification War:

take mine love take it my floor take it me whereby I cannot stand ns don"t care I"m still complimentary friend can"t take it the sky from me

The very first two lines that say "Take mine love, take it my Land" would refer to the marriage war progressively taking its toy fee on the Independents.

My interpretation is that "Where i cannot stand" would refer to the turning point of the battle, wherein they can no longer stand. This readjust of meaning is referred to as antanaclasis, and it"s standard Whedon.



It is revealed in "Bushwhacked" that the battle of Serenity sink is widely thought about the lose which sealed the fate of the Independents. ~ Wikipedia

The 2nd verse has a much harsher tone:

take me the end to the black color tell "em ns ain"t coming earlier burn the soil and boil the sea friend can"t take the sky from me

This is after the defeat, and also they say to "burn" and "boil" not simply "take".

So whereby they "cannot stand" is Serenity Valley.

This is shown in the following stanza:

have no location I deserve to be since I uncovered Serenity however you can"t take the sky from me

"Since I uncovered Serenity" would refer to the Ship, in a adjust of meaning.

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Lyrics sourced from here

While ns don"t have anything official to earlier this up, however having been a irreversible fan that Whedon I"ve i found it patterns and themes in the music he consists of in his works, especially in the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (especially walk through the fire ), and also in Dr Horrible"s sing a lengthy blog.