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Phone: (937) 496-3352

The Downtown Dayton bureau of engine Vehicles, situated on the very first floor that the County administration Building, strives to sell the ideal customer business possible. The is conveniently located next to an Auto Title firm to permit for easy titling and registration of your vehicle. The agency averages 46,000 transactions a year, indigenous issuing brand-new drivers" patent to selling collectors" plates for the rarest the cars. V the advent of identity theft and heightened national security, the associates are dedicated to protecting Montgomery County occupants from these dangers by incorporating careful attention to detail and efficiency.The office of Moter Vehicles is open Monday through Friday 8 to be - 5 pm, if the Auto Title firm is open up Monday with Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm.

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For much more information, you re welcome visit theOhio office of motor Vehicles net site.

License Types

Beginning October 1, 2020, the federal government will no longer think about standard driver licenses and identification cards as sufficient forms that identification for air travel. TSA will call for a federally compliant driver license, identification map or one more acceptable kind of to know (such together a united state passport or armed forces ID) come fly in ~ the U.S.

It is reccomended to acquisition your commonwealth compliant driver’s license or identifier at least a month prior to the October 1st, 2020 deadline. Driver’s licenses and also ID’s now come in the mail,and if you will certainly be paris you will need your compliant patent or ID prior to the early date, as the TSA hasn’t yet announced even if it is they’ll be accepting the printout provided in theagency together acceptable ID to fly.

The Ohio BMV supplies both typical Driver license ID Cards and newly Compliant Driver patent ID Cards.Both Compliant and Standard cards enable you come prove your identity for jobs like to buy alcohol, obtaining social services, or registering come vote. Only a driver"s license deserve to authorize the operation of a motor vehicle.


To purchase a standard Driver patent ID Card, applicants must carry out proof of:

Full legitimate nameDate the birthLegal existence in the USSocial protection numberOhio street address

To purchase a Compliant Driver patent ID Card, applicants must carry out proof of:

Full legitimate nameDate that birthLegal presence in the USSocial security numberOhio street deal with –TWOdocuments, from various sources, proving Ohio street resolve that are listed on the Acceptable file List are forced for evidence of Ohio residency.

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Please visit the Ohio BMV website for a complete checklist of acceptable documents.