Bruno Mars made Jane and also Michael’s wedding even more special in the season 2 finale of “Jane the Virgin”. Not just did the singer do a surprise appearance in the Monday night, might 16 episode of The CW series, however he also treated the pair and viewers to his unreleased song “Rest of my Life”.

Mars, together himself, beautifully crooned the romantic ballad if the couple, play by Gina Rodriguez and Brett Dier, danced come it and also the group looked on. “It took united state a life time to discover each other/ It was worth the wait reason I finally uncovered the one,” he sang and included in the chorus, “How could I it is in so lucky?/ ns must’ve done something right/ and I promise to love she for the rest of mine life.”

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According to a press release, Mars composed “Rest of my Life” years ago but he had a tough time deciding where he must unveil it. A substantial fan the “Jane the Virgin”, the Hawaii-born star eventually debuted that on the show.

It’s been a tiny while since the critical time Mars released brand-new music. He’s reportedly planning come drop a follow-up come 2012’s “Unorthodox Jukebox” later this year. According to his father Pete Hernandez, the “Uptown Funk” singer was an alleged to re-superstructure a brand-new song in March, but was compelled to hold-up it due to his surprised appearance at Super key 50 previously this year.

“It was due in March, however by doing the supervisor Bowl, the threw him back several months,” Hernandez said in a recent interview. “Bruno has seven great new song – I’ve heard ’em – however the album must now be released in September or October, to qualify for next year’s Grammy Awards.”



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