IC NOTICEFederal interactions Commission445 12th St., S.W.Washington, D.C. 20554News Media information 202 / 418-0500Internet: http://www.jamesmerse.com.govTTY: 1-888-835-5322DA 10-2099Released: November 1, 2010DOMESTIC ar 214 application FILED for THE transport OF regulate OF CYPRESS communications OPERATING COMPANY, gmbh TO THE BROADVOX stop COMPANY, LLC centralized PLEADING bike ESTABLISHEDWC Docket No. 10-216Comments Due: November 15, 2010Reply comments Due: November 22, 2010On October 15, 2010, Cypress communications Operating Company, llc (Cypress), TechInvest hold Company, Inc. (THC), and The Broadvox holding Company, gmbh (Broadvox) (collectively, Applicants) filed an application pursuant to ar 63.03 that the Commission�s rule to transfer manage of Cypress come Broadvox.1 Cypress, a Delaware restricted liability company, is authorized to provide competitive regional exchange carrier (LEC) and long distance telecommunications services in 31 states and also the ar of Columbia.2 It offer customers situated primarily in office buildings in significant metropolitan areas. Cypress is a wholly own subsidiary the Cypress Communications, Inc. (CCI) that is, in turn, a wholly owned subsidiary the Cypress communications Holding company (Cypress Holding). Cypress holding is wholly owned by THC. All space Delaware entities. THC is managed by affiliates of Arcapita financial institution B.S.C. (c) (Arcapita), a share stock agency organized under the laws of the Kingdom the Bahrain, and also that right now holds, indirectly, a bulk of Cypress�s stock. Broadvox, a Delaware minimal liability company, is a holding firm that operates v its subsidiaries, BroadvoxGO! LLC, Broadvox, LLC, Brivia Acquisition, LLC, and also Origination Technologies, LLC. Applicants state the the Broadvox subsidiaries carry out VoIP services throughout the U.S. Come carriers, Internet organization Providers, and application service providers. Another subsidiary, 1 47 C.F.R � 63.03; view 47 U.S.C. � 214. Applicants likewise filed an applications for deliver of control connected with authorizations for worldwide services. Any action on this domestic section 214 application is there is no prejudice to Commission activity on other pending applications. Applicants filed a complement to their residential section 214 application on October 29, 2010.2 Applicants state the Cypress is authorized to provide service in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, district of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, brand-new Jersey, brand-new York, phibìc Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, southern Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and also Wisconsin. Cypress likewise provides Voice over web Protocol (VoIP) solutions in lot of states.2Broadvox CLEC, LLC, is authorized or has used for authorizations to carry out competitive LEC company in 43 states. Applicants state that no Broadvox entity at this time provides residential telecommunications services. Broadvox is owned and also managed by its sole member, Broadvox, Inc., one Ohio stop company. 3 individuals, all U.S. Citizens, host a 10 percent or greater interest in Broadvox, Inc.: Andre Temnorod (43.66 percent), Eugene Blumin (21.83 percent), and also Alex Bederman (21.83 percent).3 Applicants state the no various other entity or individual holds a ten percent or higher ownership interest in Broadvox, Inc. Pursuant come the regards to the proposed transaction, CCI salvation Corp. (a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary that Broadvox), will merge with and into THC. THC will certainly be the enduring corporation and will proceed in visibility as a wholly-owned subsidiary that Broadvox. As a result, Cypress will become a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Broadvox. Immediately before closeup of the door the transaction, Arcapita will certainly reorganize the corporate framework of Cypress top top a agree forma basis. Applicants state that, as soon as the proposed transaction closes, Arcapita will have no equity interests in either Cypress or Broadvox and no form of regulate or management oversight.4 Applicants assert that the propose transaction is licensed has been granted to presumptive systematized treatment under section 63.03(b)(2)(i) that the Commission�s rules and also that a provide of the application will serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity.5Domestic ar 214 applications Filed for the deliver of regulate of Cypress interactions Operating Company, llc to The Broadvox stop Company, LLC, WC Docket No. 10-216 (filed Oct. 15, 2010).GENERAL INFORMATIONThe Wireline Competition office finds, upon initial review, that the carry of manage identified herein is acceptable because that filing together a systematized application. The Commission reserves the right to return any transfer of manage application if, upon further examination, the is established to it is in defective and not in conformance through the Commission�s rules and policies. Pursuant to section 63.03(a) of the Commission�s rules, 47 C.F.R. � 63.03(a), interested parties may document comments on or before November 15, 2010, and reply comment on or prior to November 22, 2010. Uneven otherwise educated by the Commission, the Applicants might transfer control on the 31st work after the day of this notice.6 Comments need to be filed electronically using (1) the Commission�s electronic Comment Filing mechanism (ECFS) or (2) the federal Government�s e-Rulemaking Portal. View 47 C.F.R. � 63.03(a) (�All comment on streamlined applications shall it is in filed electronically . . . .�); digital Filing of files in Rulemaking Proceedings, 63 FR 24121 (1998). 3 Applicants state that Mr. Temnorod, Mr. Blumin, and also Mr. Bederman also own Infotelecom, LLC, a Delaware limited liability firm that provides wholesale VoIP services in multiple states. 4 Applicants additional state that Arcapita will obtain two promissory notes from Broadvox, and also Broadvox will additionally issue a warrant come a new Arcapita subsidiary, brand-new THC LLC, a Delaware restricted liability company, that will entitle new THC gmbh to get in cash the fair sector value of much less than 20 percent the the issued and outstanding membership interests the Broadvox, plus specific distributions. Brand-new THC LLC deserve to exercise the warrant only upon the event of certain liquidity events that room wholly external of Arcapita�s control. Brand-new THC gmbh will additionally have the best to designate one individual, that is a U.S. Citizen, as a non-voting observer come the plank of Broadvox, Inc. And its subsidiaries. 5 47 C.F.R. � 63.03(b)(2)(i).6 such authorization is conditioned upon receipt of any kind of other vital approvals indigenous the the supervisory board in connection with the suggest transaction. 3� Comments might be filed electronically using the net by accessing the ECFS, http://www.jamesmerse.com.gov/cgb/ecfs/, or the federal e-Rulemaking Portal, http://www.regulations.gov. Filers have to follow the instructions provided on the website for submitting comments.� for ECFS filers, if multiple docket or rulemaking numbers appear in the caption of this proceeding, filers need to transmit one electronic copy of the comments because that each docket or rulemaking number referenced in the caption. In completing the transmittal screen, filers should include their complete name, U.S. Postal service mailing address, and the applicable docket or rulemaking number.

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Parties may also submit an digital comment by internet e-mail. To gain filing instructions, filers need to send an e-mail to ecfs