This is a overview to farming Blue Nightshade, a product in The Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn wright here to gain Blue Nightshade, its buy and also market prices, and what you have the right to carry out via it.

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Blue Nightshade General Info

Blue Nightshade Item Type
A plant that grows in quieter areas of Hyrule. At night, it provides off a soft glow. Cook through it to increase your stealth.

Blue Nightshade Effects

Heart Recoincredibly Cooking Effect
Stealth Up

Blue Nightshade Buy Prices

Buy Price

Wright here to Farm Blue Nightshade

Blue Nightshade Locations and also Sources

Common Locations
・West Necluda・Lanayru Great Spring

How to Farm Blue Nightshade Quickly

Kakariko Village


☆ = Blue Nightshade

The ideal area to farm Blue Nightshade is at Kakariko Village. From Lakna Rokee Shrine, head to the Great Fairy Cotera and rotate on you Sheikah Sensor to detect nearby Blue Nightshade.

Next off, head to the hill northwest of the fountain to collect a also more of the flowers.

You have the right to likewise discover 1 more Blue Nightshade behind Impa"s home.

This will net you roughly 30 Blue Nightshade.

Farosh Hills


☆ = Blue Nightshade

The following finest location to farm Blue Nightshade is on Farosh Hills. From Shae Katha Shrine, head west to the ponds on the height of Farosh Hills.

There, you"ll uncover 23 Blue Nightshade.

Satori Mountain


☆ = Blue Nightshade

You deserve to additionally find 3 Blue Nightshade at Satori Mountain. Though it isn"t much, it"ll still help you out in a pinch.

What To Do With Blue Nightshades

Sell for Rupees

Blue Nightshade can be sold for 4 Rupees. However before, we recommend looking into other provides rather.

Item Sell Price
Blue Nightshade 4

Use It for Cooking

Blue Nightshade can be offered to whip up the complying with recipes and elixirs.

Tbelow are no entries for this item.

Use It for Armor Upgrades

Blue Nightshade deserve to be used to upgrade the following armor with Great Fairies.

Stealth Chest GuardStealth MaskStealth Tights

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How to Farm Blue Nightshade: Locations and Prices

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