A Garden Ridge pair has filed a lawsuit versus a nearby shooting range, alleging stray bullets comes from the range have damaged their property and also endangered their safety.

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The lawsuit filed through Thomas and Lynn Wilson against the Bracken Rifle and Pistol variety in Comal County ar Court alleges the the shooting selection has to be negligent in managing stray bullets native inflicting damage on their residence and, possibly, harming them and also their children.

According come the lawsuit, the Wilsons “have suffered damages to your property, fear and apprehension, and also mental anguish” because of the total range"s alleged negligence.

The Wilsons live in the Wild Wind subdivision off FM 2252, behind the shooting range. The sue contends that the pair has reported finding number of stray bullets on your property, which they allege are coming from selection — one i m sorry damaged a window. Several bullets to be lodged in shingles on their roof in the earlier of the house, which faces the shoot range.

David Harris, the Wilsons" attorney, claimed the couple is seeking loss in the suit, filed Nov. 1, and also seek a temporary injunction against the shooting selection from allowing anyone to discharge any type of firearms in one area north or east of the selection towards the Wild Wind subdivision.

“Ultimately there has to be some sort of assurance that no one in the subdivision will certainly be accidentally shot,” Harris said.

In the last two years, the Garden Ridge Police room has evidenced 11 reports worrying stray bullets fired right into the subdivision. Exhilaration Police chef Donna O"Conner, who carried out the investigation, stated it has been an overwhelming to inspection the resource of the stray bullets due to the fact that investigators have no proof who fired them, the moment they were fired, and also if who was purposely targeting a human or structure.

“There is no evidence of intentional criminal activity,” O"Conner said. “While they could be coming from the range, there might be other areas they room coming from, too.”

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In mid-October, the Bracken variety installed a baffle device structure, a wall surface constructed on top of a berm behind the pistol range, to stop the probability the bullets leaving the shooting variety and straying right into the subdivision. The baffle wall, which is greater than the pistol range, to be designed to close any open room that would enable any stray bullets to leave the shooting range.

The selection put in the baffle mechanism structure top top the reference of the Comal ar Sheriff"s Office, which performed its own investigation right into the stray bullets.

O"Conner said because the baffle wall was installed, police have not received any kind of reports that stray bullets coming into the subdivision.

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Because the the lawsuit owner of the Bracken Rifle and also Pistol selection had no comment.