Our Mission 

To allow El Paso"s young people, especially those who require us most, to with their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens

The boys & girls Clubs that El Paso is a community based organization that provides young human being with a fun, safe and constructive environment throughout the latch-key hours when they are not at residence or school. Our goal is the every young human being who pertains to Boys & girl Clubs of El Paso will certainly graduate high college with a plan for your future. Our Formula for affect combines academic Achievement, healthy Lifestyles, Character and Leadership breakthrough education to accomplish our mission. 

The boys & girls Clubs of El Paso is open to all youth eras 6-18 and has a special emphasis on children and teens from an overwhelming or disadvantaged circumstances. Clubs reach the end to youngsters in need, providing them v support, guidance and also hope because that the future. 

Boys & girls Clubs that El Paso provides a range of tasks that satisfy the understanding of all youth. Our core programs communicate youth in activities with adults, peers and family members that enable youth to enhance self-esteem and to construct their complete potential. Our programs space designed to satisfy the physical, emotional, social and society needs and also interests of every our members. We offer programs in the complying with areas:

Character & leadership Development: Programs in Character and also Leadership development empower youth to support and also influence their Club and community, sustain coherent relationships v others, develop a confident self-image, participate in the democratic process, and also respect your own and others’ social identities.

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Education & career Development: Programs in Education and Career development enable youth to end up being proficient in straightforward education disciplines, apply learning to day-to-day situations, and embrace modern technology to accomplish success in a career.Health & Life Skills: Programs in Health and Life skills develop young peoples’ volume to connect in positive behaviors that bite their own well-being, set an individual goals, and also live successfully as self-sufficient adults.The Arts: Programs in the Arts permit youth to build their imagination and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation that the visual arts, crafts, performing arts, and creative writing.

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Sports, Fitness & Recreation: Programs in Sports, Fitness and also Recreation construct fitness, optimistic use of leisure time, skills for tension management, appreciation because that the environment, and social skills.