Murder, betrayal, dark secrets...all prior to the bell.

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One of us is Lyingby Karen McManus aided facilitate an to explode of new twisty murder mysteries the are collection against the background of society circles and also high school life, and now there"s walk to be a TV collection on Peacock the you can stream if friend can"t acquire enough! but in the meantime, get your fill of all points dark and twisty v these books likeOne of united state is Lying, indigenous old favorites come the newest releases, every featuring twisty mysteries, dark secrets, and social groups or high school settings! They"ll make her high college experience look prefer a walk in the park!

The good Girl"s overview to Murderby Holly Jackson

Pip"s town has actually been haunted by the catastrophic murder-suicide situation involving a pretty senior and her boyfriend, and also Pip has constantly felt the there was an ext to the story than what to be made public. For her an elderly project, she decides to dig into the five-year-old case and also see what she can unearth...and it s okay the shock of her life when she uncovers discrepancies that cast doubt ~ above what is known. But someone doesn"t desire Pip questioning questions, and they"ll go to good lengths to shut she up.


Ace the Spades byFaridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Devon Richards and also Chiamaka Adebayo have actually just been made prefects at Niveus private Academy, a dream come true. Gift made a prefect will open up doors to their future, and also everything looks favor it"s walking perfectly till an anonymous tester starts sending lock messages, letting Devon and Chiamaka recognize that they recognize their secrets...and they"re not over using them together leverage to acquire what castle want.

How We autumn Apartby Katie Zhao

Nancy is shocked as soon as her best friend Jamie dies, and even more shaken as soon as an anonymous person calling us the Proctor implicate Nancy and also her friends Krystal, Akil, and also Alexander in Jamie"s death. All four of castle knew Jamie"s secrets, and also it seems like it might get them in trouble—or much worse.

The finest Liesby buy it Lyu

Remy thought her life was almost perfect—she had a ride or die finest friend named Elise, and a great and loving friend in Jack. Until one night Jack ends up dead, and Elise is the one who pulled the trigger. How could this have happened? Remy will have actually to confront some uncomfortable facts to acquire to the truth.

A great in Vengeanceby Victoria Lee

If you choose that dark academia vibe v some fantasy elements, choose up this book around Felicity, mourning the fatality of her girlfriend while return to Dalloway School, a ar haunted v rumors or witchcraft and also magic. When new girl Ellis asks Felicity to help her research study the school"s darker roots, she reluctantly agrees...and gets pulled right into darkness she couldn"t have actually imagined.

They great They to be Usby Jessica Goodman

Jill knows the darkness lurks under the facade the perfection in she hometown—her finest friend to be murdered by her boyfriend student in the first year year. However that"s in the past, and also now the Jill is a senior and a member that the not-so-secret society at her school, she"s looking front to a an excellent year. Until she starts to receive messages saying that her finest friend"s friend is innocent...and a killer is quiet on the loose.

A heat in the Darkby Malinda Lo

Jess is in love with her ideal friend Angie, but afraid to tell her. Once Angie drops for the beguiling girl indigenous the upstream boarding college up the road, Jess is privately devastated, but she stands by Angie...even as soon as it"s apparent her new girlfriend is no good, and neither are her friends. And then as soon as a shocking crime occurs, Jess is at the ready to safeguard Angie, no issue what.

As ns Descendedby Robin Talley

In this retelling ofMacbeth, collection at an elite boarding school, Maria Lyon and Lily Boiten room the school"s power pair and they"d carry out anything to secure Maria a much-needed scholarship that will certainly ensure they"ll remain together, and also continue ~ above to university together. Also if that way taking under Delilah, Maria"s competitor for said scholarship, and also calling top top an old dark strength rumored come live top top campus.

Truly Deviousby Maureen Johnson

Stevie Bell is a true crime devotee who is dead-set ~ above solving among the oldest, most puzzling cases in the country. To the end, she secures a spot at Ellingham Prep, the site of a disappearance and also murder case perpetuated by an unknown figure known as Devious...and gets the shock of her life when a new crime and evidence points to the reality that this seventy-five-year-old cold case might not be therefore cold.

The Obsessionby Jesse Q. Sutanto

Logan loves Delilah, she simply doesn"t know it yet. Yet when Logan stalks her, he discovers she darkest secret—she caused the death of her mom"s abusive boyfriend. Currently the two are involved in a cat-and-mouse game set against the backdrop of their an elaborate private school where Delilah is determined to escape and also Logan wants to make sure she"s his...forever.

The Inheritance Gamesby Jennifer Lynn Barnes

All Avery desires is to do well in school and also win a scholarship so she deserve to leave home, however her world is turn upside down once a billionaire pipeline her his vast fortune. The only problem? Avery has actually no idea that he is or why she"s his beneficiary. And in bespeak to collection her inheritance, she must get in the Hawthorne estate, wherein she must contend with the three an extremely unhappy grandsons that the billionaire who fortune she now lays case to.

Escape Roomby Maren Stoffels

If you like your thrillers v a side of horror, choose up this book about four teens named Alissa, Sky, Miles and also Mint who space excited to walk to an to escape room together. But what starts out together a fun diversion soon turns into a nightmare are they establish there might not be any kind of escape.

Killing Mr. Griffinby Lois Duncan

Mr. Griffin is the many feared teacher at Del Norte High, and everyone, even an excellent students like Susan, fear him. Therefore she agrees to sign up with a team of she classmates who desire to traction a prank ~ above Mr. Griffin and also teach that a lesson. Only, when the prank goes wrong and also someone ends up dead, Susan has to face that reality that one of them is a killer.

This Lie will Kill Youby Chelsea Pitcher

A year ago, a teen was eliminated at a party that obtained out of control and also five classmates all had actually a function to beat in that death. Now, those same five teens come at a isolated mansion, expecting to complete for $50,000—but that turns out come be an elaborate farce designed to get them there so someone deserve to take revenge.

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All her Twisted Secretsby Diana Urban

Playing on the tropes of standard cliques, this is around an eclectic mix of students who are invited come a scholarship dinner, only to find it"s all a devious ploy. They"re locked in a room through a bomb and also syringe the poison and told they should pick someone to die, or they all will certainly die...and with each other must challenge a year"s precious of incidents that led to this shocking night in order to find the truth.

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