exactly how RDR2 references An initial Red Dead Redemption character Bonnie McFarlane was crucial character in Red Dead Redemption, and also players can discover a letter handle to she in RDR2.

bonnie mcfarlane in red dead redemption 2
countless Red Dead Redemption players only know Bonnie MacFarlane together a personality in the original game, or as someone they deserve to encounter in Red Dead Online. However it transforms out that there’s a reference to she in Red Dead Redemption 2"s main story mode, even though it’s easy to just pass by.

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Bonnie was an essential character in the initial Red Dead Redemption, one who aided save john Marston after he faced his old gang member invoice Williamson. She pays because that John’s medical professional bill in return because that him helping out at her family’s ranch, which the obliges. He later on saves she after Bill and his bandits take her hostage.

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In the first Red Dead Redemption game, not much is known around Bonnie’s life before she met John. However this transforms in Red Dead Redemption 2 when a little of insight is provided into the character’s backstory, and also like plenty of Red Dead Redemption characters, it’s a story filled v tragedy and loss.

How Red Dead Redemption 2 references Bonnie MacFarlane

letter to bonnie in red dead redemption 2
Unfortunately, if Bonnie herself doesn’t do an illustration in Red Dead Redemption 2"s story (outside of Red Dead Online, the is) players can uncover someone who was really close come her. If players save to the shore and also head towards Flatneck Station, they’ll discover the continues to be of a shipwreck, including what appears to be a body. If Arthur attempts to disturb and also loot the body, the male will reclaim consciousness just to take it his last, dice breaths. “I despite you was currently gone,” Arthur says, bring away aback. “And phone call her… I never ever stopped,” the man responds if handing Arthur a letter.

The letter chin is incredibly telling. The appears to be composed by a guy who was previously a lover of Bonnie’s sometime before the events of RDR2. The starts off by telling her just how sorry he is, and even more, that he had actually a current dream whereby they to be married through children. Additional on, he describes that he’s leaving in stimulate to do his fortune. “When i come ago a rich man, you’ll see what a well husband I will certainly make you, and a father to ours children,” he writes.

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However, it shows up the lovers may have quarreled before he left. In fact, their dispute may have actually prompted that to set sail in stimulate to make a surname for himself. “No, i won’t grow up. On that subject you’re wrong,” the letter reads before ending with the man once again saying they’re destined to it is in together. He states he’ll also prove she father wrong, writing, “Even her father will certainly come to think it and also accept me, no matter how humble mine birth,” suggesting the it wasn’t just Bonnie that saw a flaw in your relationship, yet that her family members was additionally disapproving. So, while Red Dead Redemption 2 may provide an upgrade on Bonnie MacFarlane, it, unfortunately, doesn’t imply her life was any less stressful before John Marston showed up.