One day, in a particular private college with dormitories, the totality school to be transported into one more world. I, Kaya Kazuhisa, indigenous the first Grade the the High college Section, had been bullied for long periods the time. To kill the culprit who had actually bullied me, i dug a trap, however unexpectedly I killed a monster. From that moment, I advanced into a rare presence that can go versus the monsters.

At the very same day, I conserved a girl from middle School Section 3rd Grade, Shimozono Arisu in the forest from one Orc. Once I to be working with Arisu to loss the Orcs, and also gradually leveled up, ns was compelled to do a choice: must I select the Summon Magic i m sorry is an ideal for making it through alone? Or need to I select Support Magic i beg your pardon is supplied when battling along with others?

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Balancing My support Magic and Summoning Magic In A various World,僕は異世界で付与魔法と召喚魔法を天秤にかける,异世界赋予与召唤的魔法之天平
Action: A work typically depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and fast paced motion." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Action
Adventure: Exploring new places, atmospheres or situations. This is often linked with people on long journeys to places much away encountering amazing things." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Adventure
Drama: A occupational meant to lug on an emotionally response, such together instilling sore or tension.Novels the often show life or characters through conflict and also emotions. In general, the various parts of the story have tendency to form a whole that is better than the amount of the parts. In other words, the story has a article that is bigger than simply the story line itself" class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Drama
Fantasy: Anything the involves, however not minimal to, magic, dream world, and also fairy tales." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Fantasy
Harem: A collection involving one male character and also many female characters (usually attractive to the masculine character). A turning back Harem is when the genders space reversed." class="chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Harem
Mature: consists of subject matter which may be too too much for world under the period of 17. Contents that deals with mature themes not perfect for a younger audience." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Mature
Shounen: A occupational intended and primarily composed for males. These works normally involve fighting and/or violence." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Shounen
Supernatural: Usually entails amazing and also unexplained strength or events which defy the laws of physics." class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Supernatural
Tragedy: consists of events resulting in great loss and also misfortune." class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Tragedy
Apocalypse: This tag is to be provided when the story takes place in an apocalyptic form setting." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Apocalypse
Bullying: Bullying is the action of using superior toughness or affect to intimidate (someone), commonly to force him or she to do what one wants." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Bullying
Cunning Protagonist: This tag is supplied to define a protagonist that is very cunning. They frequently schemes/plots transparent the novel and rarely suffers a loss. Different from the Intelligent/Smart tags, the shrewd tag is come be used when the schemes/plots often reason physical/mental damage to opponents. That is recommended not to use this tag along with the Strategist tag. " class="chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Cunning Protagonist
Elves: This sign is come be offered if the Elven gyeongju exist in ~ the story and also an Elve is one of two people the protagonist or either one of his companions/friends/Lovers" class="chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Elves
Game Elements: Protagonist has a status display screen or something comparable to it." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Game Elements
Gore: Blood that has actually been shed, specifically as a an outcome of violence." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Gore
Level System: This sign is supplied when the characters of the novel boost their abilities/skills/power by leveling up." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Level System
Male Protagonist: If the protagonist of the collection is male, climate this sign is to be used. By protagonist, it refers to the leading/main character. Not to be used with: female Protagonist " class="chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Male Protagonist
Monsters: tag is to be used ONLY if the protagonist that the collection is a Monster (definition may vary based upon novel). If the collection has multiple protagonists, only use this tag if gift a Monster(s) is a prominent function of one of them. Can likewise be offered if there being Monster(s) has a big impact ~ above the story." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Monsters
Multiple Transported Individuals: This sign is provided if there are other transported people besides the protagonists." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Multiple Transported Individuals
R-15: to be provided when the contents of the story is an ideal only for people who space 15 or older. This maybe due to the story having sexual or violent themes repeatedly. Keep in mind that it can ONLY be used for a JP." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">R-15
Rape: This sign is to be used ONLY IF one important/significant-to-the-story personality is raped OR act the raping, at any type of time during the food of the story. Keep in mind that this sign is no to be offered if (1) some character is hinted to have actually raped/been raped before the food of the story, or (2) the occurence is off-screen and also doesn't involve any far-reaching character." class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Rape
Spear Wielder: This tags is to be offered only once the protagonist provides a spear as their weapon because that a far-ranging period the the story. Despite this tag deserve to be used even if the love interest uses the spear, that is highly recommended not to use it at that time." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text"> Spear Wielder
Strong Love Interests: whereby the love attention of a protagonist has actually a particular level of strenght or is illustrated as strong. Doesn't have to be ~ above the protagonist level, yet somewhere close." class="chip green mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Strong Love Interests
Sudden stamin Gain: whereby the protagonist experience a huge gain of power. Usually near the begin of a novel" class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Sudden stamin Gain
Summoning Magic: Magic that can be provided to call forth beigns/familars the are generally under the caster's control, yet might not always. Only use if the plays a far-reaching part in the story." class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Summoning Magic
Sword and also Magic: This tags is to just be supplied if both the use of magic and also swords are current within the novel." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Sword and Magic
Timid Protagonist: This tag is supplied when the protagonist reflects a absence of confidence and also courage. " class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Timid Protagonist
Transported into another World: The protagonist of the story starts in one human being until castle are sent out to another, frequently through reincarnation or summoning. " class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Transported into another World
Weak to Strong: This tags is offered to show the stories in i m sorry the protagonist starts in ~ a weak strength level and becomes gradually solid as the story progresses." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Weak come Strong
The an initial time meeting my nieces

All of them room cute children, yet only her……!?

The protagonist to be made to look ~ his nieces for around a week because of his sisters’ trip to Tokyo.

His life will be swayed even much more by 5 young girls, including the niece that acts choose a newly-married girl

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Hasegawa Kodaka has actually transferred schools, and he’s having a tough time make friends. That doesn’t aid that his blond hair hair often tends to make people think he is a delinquent. One day, the runs into his bad-tempered solitary classmate Yozora if she’s talk animatedly to her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing the neither of lock have any kind of actual friends, they decide the the best method to alter this instance is to kind a club and start recruiting.

That is exactly how “Rinjinbu” to be formed, a club particularly designed for people who don’t have really many friends. As various other lonely classmates progressively join their little club, they’ll try to learn just how to develop friendships through food preparation together, playing games, and other group activities. However will this group of relationship-challenged misfits really have the ability to get along?