This is the walkthrough for the 17th chapter of the gold Deers course of Fire Emblem: Three houses (FETH, FE3H). Read on to uncover out the best method to use your time in the Monastery, exactly how to success in battle, and which dialogue options to choose!

Chapter 17 - Old Friends, new Enemies

Claude will change his class to Barbarossa after agree the Silk Dragon Armor native Nardel.

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4/12 4/19 4/26 4/30
Rare Monster SightingHead chef Challenge
Lots of big Fish
Rare Monster SightingBitter Eats
Chapter Mission: March to Gronder Field
Ongoing Event: Axe Tournament Reward: silver- Axe+


Paralogue forced Units available Until
Retribution Ferdinand and also Lysithea 8/30
The resting Sand Legend Claude 8/30

Free Time

Main Quests

There are no key quests in this chapter.

Side Quests Side pursuits
Worried Warrior
Chapter Objectives

There are no concrete goals for this chapter. Focus on strengthening your team.

Optional Supports Flayn Hanneman Ingrid Leonie Raphael Shamir
Sorry about that.
Let"s fight our hardest to stay alive.
Don"t worry, I have the right to handle it.
Everyone gets that feeling.

Chapter 17 Misson: To war at Gronder

Before the Battle

Now in Gronder Field, her allies space nervous as nobody knows what is bound to happen.

Support Boost dialogue Option impact
A) I"m worried.B) Let"s try to remain calm. A) No change.B) increases Claude"s support.

Battle Preparations

In the same levels where the battle of the Eagle and also Lion was held five years ago, the Alliance, the Kingdom, and the Imperial military will face each various other again.

Click the link below for an ext information ~ above the fight for this chapter!Chapter 17: To war at Gronder

Chapter 17 - ~ the Battle

After a gruesome battle, the Alliance needs to keep going, even with only a small army left.

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No assistance Boost

The options you make after the fight do not affect your allies" support levels.

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