It’s a an excellent day because that cutthroats, smugglers, and also other nefarious types. We’ve simply received word that we have a few extra duplicates of the knives in the Dark unique Edition!

Hold her lurking-in-the-dark horses. (Do steeds lurk? If they don’t, castle SHOULD.) no you say the distinct edition would just be accessible to Kickstarter backers?

We did. See, to press is a funny thing. As soon as we publish a game, we always print a bit an ext than we should account for shed packages, damaged shipments, printing errors, and also any books used to safeguard the KS backer indigenous a knife attack by a shadowy figure. (Actually, ns don’t know if we’d replace the publication in the last instance. Strangely, it has actually never come up.) We’re usually pretty an excellent about do those estimates—they’re sustained by Fred’s magical record-keeping ninja powers. However on rare occasions, us lose an ext copies than expected. That occurred with Dresden Files sped up earlier this year, and also it kinda sucks yet then we move along and fix it. On other rare occasions, the printing and also shipping fairies are kind to us. We have fewer damages, lost packages, and also misprints. And also then we end up with extras.

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That’s why we ended up with copies after saying that we wouldn’t be able to get any.

Restrain the crew of horse assassins again! (Horseassins? Shouldn’t the be a thing?!) What is the distinct Edition?

The distinct Edition contains every one of the ingredient you acquire in the standard publish edition, but with two significant differences:

A swanky covering (although the cover of the standard print is additionally swanky)An added city overview for U’Duasha, the city of fire and bronze. It contains city maps, factions, situations, items, and treasures distinctive to the Iruvian city of U’Duasha. Much more places to practice your lurking an abilities is always good!

The one-of-a-kind Edition will offer for $50, i m sorry is exactly what Kickstarter backers paid because that it. That seems fair and all, and we’re a same bunch the evilly hatted scoundrels.

I desires it, mine shadow-skulking precious! just how do I acquire my grabby hand on it?!?!

There space two ways to obtain a copy! First, you deserve to order a copy native the angry Hat webstore. A stealthy team of black garbed footpads will provide it to your door. Or, friend know, the postal organization might execute it.

PLEASE note that the evil Hat webstore no longer offers global shipping. Us love our global folks in a major way, and also we hate the idea the shipping your commodities to friend from our webstore regularly costs much more than the actual games. With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to develop more and more relationships with abroad distributors. In this case, we know that’s no going to carry out you a whole lot that good, because the SE will just be available via our webstore. So! If friend live outside of the US and also are willing to pay the postage, we imply a freight forwarder prefer https://www.shipito.com/en/. It have to still it is in cheaper 보다 the postage prices we were able to sell previously.

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If you space going come GenCon, friend can obtain your grabby hands on a copy best there in ~ the con! Indie Press revolution will have actually a limited number of duplicates for sale at booth 2338. Climate you don’t have to engage in any type of of that postage nonsense in ~ all, and also you have the right to lurk in the corners that the convention hall with your copy!

Any critical words of wisdom before we embark on our latest score?

Why yes! i’m so happy you asked!

These room the critical LAST really THE LAST copies of the special edition that we intend to print. Over there are around 500 of lock in total. We’re splitting that number in between GenCon and our webstore. As soon as they are gone, they room gone choose a stolen paint at a black sector auction. If you’d like a copy, we advise acquiring on the as shortly as possible.

Did you really just write an informational blog post that contained horseassins, to press fairies, and also mail-delivering black color garbed footpads?

I certain did. And I have the right to write much more of them, if you have actually questions. Just ask ‘em in the comment or email me at carrie