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Blade & soul utilizes a distinct weapon progression device where friend will essentially be making use of the very same weapon throughout her time in blade & Soul.

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Players will be given the Hongmoon weapon at an initial which is the weapon that will be evolved all the means up to the present max level.

You deserve to amplify her weapon so that it will get exp for this reason it can level-up in Stages. Every phase 5 will require a Breakthrough, the weapon is usually discovered from a Fieldboss. Every stage 10 calls for a weapon native a boss and that will certainly be the following weapon’s appearance and name after breakthrough.

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Item requirements & Currency price are no 100% correct but the required and location are.

Updated for Silverfrost hills Patch


 StageWeapon Requirement & drop LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Everdust Stalker Jiangshi Wheel the Fate

Viridan Poison2 Copper

Blackram Narrows

Viridan change Stone3 Copper
Awakened Blight

 StageWeapon Requirement & fall LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Tomun variety – The Darkglimpse Dungeon

5 Blight Fangs3 Copper
10Golden Deva

Scorching Sands golden Deva Wheel of Fate

Cinderlands revolution Stone9 Copper
True Blight

 StageWeapon Requirement & fall LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Yehara’s Mirage Cinderlands Valor stone Trader Sujun

5 Blight Fangs4 Copper

Tomb the the Exiles

Cinderlands transformation Stone3 Copper
Awakened Infernal

 StageWeapon Requirement & drop LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Lycandi Foothils Lycan the might Wheel of Fate

11 Infernal Lord’s Horn44 Silver

Hogshead Pastures Tidelord Hujikar

Moonwater revolution Stone2.5 Gold
True Infernal

 StageWeapon Requirement & drop LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Sapphire basin Croak King’s Court

17 Infernal Lord’s Horn1.3 Gold

Orchard the Souls Profane Jiangshi Wheel the Fate

Moonwater revolution Stone2.8 Gold
Awakened Profane

 StageWeapon Requirement & drop LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

The Highland Necropolis Skittering Tunnels

10 Infernal Lord’s Horn83 Silver
10Forgotten Brightstone

Misty Woods Brightstone Ruins

Moonwater change Stone2.9 Gold
True Profane

 StageWeapon Requirement & fall LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost
5Moonwater Baotite

Hogshead Guild Moonwater Valor stone Trader Ryujo

20 Infernal Lord’s Horn1.7 Gold
10Storm Siren

E.Fleet it is provided Chain

4 Moonwater transformation Stone, 20 Naryu Silver, 70 Soulstones12 Gold
Awakaned Siren

 StageWeapon Requirement & fall LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Misty timber Brightstone Ruins

30 Poharan’s Perfume, 40 Soulstones11 Gold

Blackram it is provided Chain

7 Moonwater change Stone, 30 Naryu Silver18 Gold
True Siren

 StageWeapon Requirement & autumn LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost
5Mistywood ColdIron

Misty Woods outpost Designated Merchant

30 Poharan’s Perfume, 40 Soulstones, 10 Moonwater Refining Stone11 Gold
10Dark Pirate

Nightshade Harbor

7 Moonwater transformation Stone, 150 Soulstones, 21 Hae Mujin’s Machismo, 20 Naryu Silver18 Gold
Awakened Pirate

 StageWeapon Requirement & fall LocationItem RequirementCurrency Cost
5Silver Deva

Mushin’s Tower silver Deva

Mushin’s Tower Kangcha

18 Poharan’s Perfume, 80 Soulstones, 7 Moonwater Refining Stone13 Gold

Bloodshade Harbor

10 Moonwater change Stone, 230 Soulstones, 30 Naryu Silver, 25 Hae Mujin’s Machismo, 100 Warrior’s Token27 Gold
True Pirate

 StageWeapon RequirementItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Mushin’s Tower Junghado

Mushin’s Tower Kangcha

10 Poharan’s Perfume, 60 Soulstones, 10 Moonwater Refining Stone10 Gold

Avalanche Den

10 Silverfrost transformation Stone, 220 Soulstone, 190 Frozen Stinger, 70 Moonstone, 7 Naryu Tablet38 Gold
True Breeze

 StageWeapon RequirementItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Chuanka Frost Cavern

15 Moonstone, 50 Soulstones, 70 Frozen Stinger10 Gold

Awakened Necropolis

16 Silverfrost revolution Stone, 360 Soulstone, 290 Frozen Stinger, 110 Moonstones, 15 Naryu Tablets63 Gold
Awakened Scorpio

 StageWeapon RequirementItem RequirementCurrency Cost

Frostscale Basin

20 Moonstone, 60 Soulstone, 90 Frozen Stinger14 Gold

Sogun’s Lament

19 Silverfrost revolution Stone, 430 Soulstone, 350 Frozen Stinger, 130 Moonstone, 20 Naryu Tablet75 Gold
True Scorpio