Currently in Blade and also Soul NA there are several different mystery hongmoon methods you deserve to unlock. You deserve to unlock her LB (Left Mouse switch ability), her RB (Right Mouse switch ability) and one energy spell depending on your class. Now i"ll how you exactly how to unlock them all. So let"s gain started! :)HongMoon Skill:LBThe left-click switch (LB) for all classes space learned in the very same way, through consumingthe adhering to items:● ocean Essence: Fire or ice cream Bird at Wind Plain● Deep Sea Weed: Fish Dragon in ~ Wind Plain● golden Honey: Grizzly Bear at Wind Plain● White Mist Mushroom: meadow Yeti in ~ Wind Plain● source of angry Spirit: Flower monster at Wind Plain● HongMoon Pill: native Guild WorkshopThe consumablesare rare drops from monster located almost everywhere Silverfrost Mountains. Rather of searching them, one can additionally exchange for them atAchievement vendor in Zaiwei City (Location), noted that you have reached 1250 success Points and you have actually 50 Naryu Silver.Keep in mind that the hongmoon pellet can not be purchased from the Achievement merchant in Zaiwei City. Rather you will either have to pay who to craft it because that you or have actually you guild handmade it if they space level 5 or higher. The pellet take away 3 job to finish crafting.

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For this you will need to visit your regional zen p trader and purchase a royal Zen Bean. This will cost you 5000 zen beans and the zen beans deserve to only be earned by participating in arena pvp either 1v1 or 3v3.Even if you aren"t a fan of pvp I highly recommend you execute this since it"s fine worth her time. Additionally there are several daily pvp quests you can pick up that will certainly reward girlfriend a full of 600 zen beans when you"ve perfect them all, so it"s still worth it to try to execute these especially if friend wanna unlock among your an enig hongmoon skills.

So what skill does the imperial zen p unlock for your class?
The following an abilities (with default crucial in bracket) deserve to be learned by consuming a Celestial Bean:T = Tier; S = StageBlade Master: Lightning Draw(4) T5S4Force Master: Inferno (X) T5S2Kung fu Master:Comet win (4) T5S2Destroyer: Emberstomp (3) T5S4Assassin: Shadow slash (3)T5S2Summoner: Rumblebees(RB) T5S4Blade Dancer: Lightning Draw(C) T5S3Warlock: Dragoncall tier 5Alternatively you deserve to press U to bring up your success page walk to Character 보다 go to an abilities to check out which hongmoon an abilities you deserve to unlock

Another means to unlock among your secret hongmoon an abilities is by gaining a HM skill book. These room skill publications that drop in details 4 guy dungeons (Bloodshade Harbor, Avalanche Den, The Awakened Necropolis).

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These books are a rare drop and also they just drop in 4 male dungeon mode yet they room trade able so girlfriend will be able to purchase castle at your local sector place, but expect to pay a quite chunk the gold for them since virtually everyone wants / needs them.
So what skill perform these HM books unlock for her class?
IThe HM Skill book from Bloodshade harbor will certainly unlock the adhering to skill for her classBlade Master: Lightning draw Tier 5, phase 1, 2, and 3Force Master: Inferno Tier 5, stage 1 and 3Kungfu Master:Comet to win Tier 5, Stage 1, 2, and 3 Destroyer: Emberstomp Tier 5, Stage 1, 2, and also 3 Assassin: Shadow cut (3) Tier 5, Stage 1, 3, and 4 Summoner: Rumblebees(RB)Tier 5, Stage 1, 2, and also 3Blade Dancer: Lightning Draw(C) Tier 5, stage 1, and 2Warlock: Dragoncall Tier 5, stage 1, and also Dragon Helix Tier 5, phase 3