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Two year after his last gold Globes win, Billy Bob Thornton has added another trophy to his shelf v a success for best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, in ~ the 74th annual gold Globe Awards in Los Angeles Sunday.

“This is not track and field, so friend don’t rest a tape and also actually win. This is approximately people’s opinion,” Thornton said. “I do need to thank the Hollywood foreign Press Association really much for picking me end Bob Odenkirk for picking me.”

Thornton went on to explain that the two had actually a bit of a “feud,” i m sorry is now settled. “There you go, bud.”

But the gibbs wasn’t finished there. “On a significant note, I’d really like to expropriate this compensation in storage of Luke Scott, a P.A. On Goliath,” that said. “I loved him.” that actually go out and also try. It’s basic to talk about people but it’s hard to stick her neck out.”

In Scott’s honor, Thornton finished by thanking “those that actually go out and also try. It’s basic to talk around people yet it’s difficult to stick her neck out.”

Backstage, Thornton described what that meant around it being an overwhelming to “stick your neck out.”

“My point about that is that a lot of of civilization in the company get dubbed privileged and also things choose that,” the said. “I came out below in poverty and spent a decade trying to eat and so those sort of things get to you, and so at the end of the day, what separates human being who come to these award shows and who perform television shows or movie or whatever it is or compose a score, they’re world who are willing to take it a chance and may it is in a little safer to work-related at the factory earlier home, however if you want to do something the end of yourself, you were willing to go and also take the chance.

“So when people in today of society media space slamming each various other left and right, what they have to remember at the finish of the job is those that talk about those who execute things, really, that’s no a very good job. So that’s why once the legitimate press… when you write a testimonial or as soon as you talk about something on her TV show, it comes from a place of understanding as opposed to a location of hatred or jealousy or everything it is. And also I think we’re living in that society right now. So i let it stroked nerves me because that a couple of years and now, when I expropriate an award, I expropriate it v pride due to the fact that I understand I tried.”

Of Scott, he noted, “Luke Scott that was a boy who was only 23 years old and also passed far last year, and Luke made me desire to involved work. He to be the guy who, as soon as I gained there… he was so happy just to be there and have the job and be approximately the company that he wanted to it is in around. And to shed your life at 23 years old, when you’re just starting something prefer that, ns thought, girlfriend know, I have the right to thank human being all night long. I deserve to thank lawyers and agents and everybody. Yet at the finish of the day, the two entities need to thank are Luke Scott, this P.A. That made me happy to be there, and also Amazon, who was willing to carry out this show.”

Thornton nabbed the prize for his portrayal of Billy McBride, a disgraced lawyer make the efforts to obtain redemption versus the firm the expelled him, in Amazon’s Goliath. He last winner a gold Globe in 2015, for best Performance by an gibbs in a Miniseries the Motion picture Made because that Television, for Fargo.

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He beat the end Rami Malek (Mr. Robot), Bob Odenkirk (Better speak to Saul), Rhys (The Americans), and also Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) because that the prize. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) won the compensation in 2016.