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work 86 8:00am Inmates wake up to the inspiring song ‘Paaega Jo Lakshya Hai Tera’. Mona, Niti and also Manveer dances. Mona hugs Manu and wishes the morning.

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8:45am Manveer is maintaining extra key in keep room saying that inmates dont clean dishes, Niti claims you are captain but you cant take home decision choose this, she brings out dishes from store room and also asks Manveer to find solution, not perform this, i will certainly clean key now, Manver says fine. Mona asks Niti to ask everyone to clean kitchen platform, carry out you people live like this in house? this pan was supplied by you and Bani yesterday once you both were in kitchen and also its quiet there, Niti claims i didnt usage it, Bani was food preparation in it, Manu claims we cant keep going behind every individual and also ask them come clean dishes. Manveer states to Niti the Bani didnt carry out it, Niti says i to be doing my chores, you need to make inmates do tasks, Mona says you dont hear Niti, you space still talk in english, Niti states i am not talking to you, Mona says i am part of house and also you cant speak in english, Manu asks Mona to fight directly with her, Niti states why she is interrupting, Manveer states go and also tell Bani every this, Niti says just do your job.

10am Niti complains to Bani the Manveer has put every plates in save room as all are not washing the so he uncovered this solution. Mona was saying Bani and me supplied pan, Bani says i to wash it, who else offered this pan later, she washes pan and says people used to not wash dishes because that days, Mona have actually started washing from currently on.

Manu speak Manveer that even after gift in the industry for an ext than 10 years, Bani lacks confidence and also has no advice to use her complete potential in any type of task. Manu states Niti didnt agree using pan v Bani, why i do not know she expropriate her friendship v Bani? we will certainly not reach almost everywhere this way.

11am Lopa is food preparation in kitchen, Manu says to Lopa that you will prefer anything you cook yourself, she laughs. Manu asks Manveer to hide ginger then you will view taunts about it, Bani would certainly be prefer i hide eggs but how might he hide ginger? this is bad, that mimics Bani, Manveer hides ginger in his pants pocket. Manu says how can anyone hide ginger in this house? Lopa laughs.

7pm Niti reads instructions to inmates, it claims that after ~ this this allude of show, all would desire to walk to finale. Bigg boss introduces the much-awaited ticket come finale week qualifier task. Because that the same, the whole garden area is converted into a night sky and a solar system set up is set up there with 4 orbits in it. The contestants have to hold a key containing purple liquid in their hands and rotate about the ticket (sun) beginning with the first orbit. Nmates have two objective, one is to protect their liquid and also spill rather liquid. Every time a contestants’ water spills or goes down past the yellow mark, or in instance a contestant trips and falls as result of some reason, that or she will be disqualified native the game. The competition will certainly then relocate to the following level and also the contestants will need to start wade in the second orbit by filling bowls again. Last 2 contestants to successfully complete the job will get a chance to seize ticket come finale week. Logo is make the sanchalak (referee) the the task while Lopa it s okay an extra edge over others and is request to sign up with in the second round as she was on first position in ranking task.

inmates come in garden and like the decorations excellent in garden. Lopa says to logo that dont be upset because you space going to be in finale any type of way, Rohan states you want me to smile? Lopa says have actually some confidence in yourself. Manveer says to Manu that we will certainly spill liquids as soon as right time comes, couple of inmates will leave task themselves only. Manveer and also Manu decision to knock off contestants by pushing them off the orbit later.

7:30pm Buzzer plays, inmates begin revolving around an initial orbit. Manveer claims i am feeling dizzy ~ above this track.

8:30pm Manveer says i am tired, i didnt reach almost everywhere on this orbit, every laugh. Manu sings the if one inmate cheats climate his companion should help him in it. Lopa hasnt joined job as she will join from 2nd orbit. Logo asks Niti to now slow down. Manveer hoax if Manu have bought plot that solar system? Manu states its much away, Mona exactly how will i live far away? i am coming.

10:30pm The housemates quietly walk top top the track. Niti claims Lopa has actually got large advantage, Mona states its disadvantage too, Manu says i have actually asked Manveer to remove Niti native game, Niti states i will throw your liquid too, Manu states then you will certainly not be precious in job after obtaining disqualified, Niti claims Rohan wont let you cheat. Rohan claims onece disqualified, girlfriend cant push anyone turn off task however if you are in task, you can push anyone’s water. Bani states oh no.. Manu says Bani will certainly make Niti leaving task, Niti claims you think i would certainly sacrifice because that her? Manu claims i am informing for your good, dont come in she talks. Manveer says allows remove she from task, Niti states dare girlfriend touch me, Manu says i want to push you the end of task but you room away indigenous me, Niti states i am giving you an are to relocate ahead that me if you space irritated, not push and misbehave through girls, Manu states you shouldnt have come in display if you keep bringing girl card, Niti states dont threaten me, have actually balls to press me, Manu says keep moving, Niti says who are you to tell me what to do? she is moving slowly, Manveer, Mona and also Manu room behind her. She claims i will relocate at sluggish pace only, girlfriend cant press me, relocate ahead of me if girlfriend want, Manu says i am asking Manveer to press you out of task, Niti says you dont have actually balls to press that you are asking Manveer to carry out so? come and push me if you have actually guts. Manveer asks Manu to it is in calm.

10:45pm Mona claims to Manveer that ns cant execute this, i am leaving, Manveer says dont do this, keep moving, we are not worn down behind you. Mona is tired and moving slowly, Manveer put hand on she shoulder to assistance her, Manu states think how much you can go in task, Manveer states this is mental game, its up to you. Mona decides come quit the task. Logo praises her effort, Mona leaves. Rohan announces the Mona has actually left task so inmates have taken break.

11pm Niti says to Bani the Manu to be reckless, he to be saying rubbish, Bani states he to be irritated. Niti states who the hell is he to push me native task? i will certainly break his face. Bani claims Manu was saying anything, even Manveer too. Manu says to Manveer that we will stay behind them, you stay ahead that me, Bani will certainly hunt Niti, she will certainly ask Niti to litter mine or your bowl before leaving task. Manveer states to Mona that you did great job, she smiles.

11:15pm Buzzer theatre again. Inmates begin revolving around 2nd orbit. The game moves come the following level and also Lopa also comes into action. Together the orbit gets smaller, the competition it s okay tougher. Lopa is moving an extremely slowly, Manveer states if friend walk this slow-moving then you will certainly reach nowhere, Lopa claims slow and steady wins the race, Manveer says i will certainly follow you as you are number one.

12:30pm Inmates are revolving about orbit faster, they are pushing inmate ahead of them, Lopa is front of Manveer and first in line, she asks Manveer come not press her, Manveer states i am not, rohan ties Lopa’s shoes lace if she moving slowly, Manveer says dont interrupt. Manveer strikes v Lopa together she slows down, Lopa claims you cant press me, Manveer claims why room you stopping? Lopa claims i was walking slowly, girlfriend cant press me. Inmates start running on orbit, Lopa asks Niti to move fast, Niti claims dont press me Lopa, pushing is beginning from Bani, Bani says it going front now. Lopa claims no girl or boy must touch me, Manu claims i dont recognize this idea of no touching. Lopa starts relocating slowly, Manveer claims where is referee now? Rohan says you had trouble with me tie shoe laces the girl, ns am not favoring anyone, dont taunt me, Manveer says i have the right to see favoritism. Inmates room walking calmly on orbit, Lopa increases her speed, Niti slowly down, Lopa claims if someone pour out my water then ns will destroy next level of him or her. Manu claims Manveer’s water spilled an ext than you, you chose your ar no one else, Lopa claims then permit me play mine game.

12:45am Lopa is moving approximately orbit but slips and also falls down, she spills she liquid. Rohan helps her to obtain up. Manveer asks if she hurt she foot? Lopa claims you dont treatment as you want to pour out my water anyway, Manveer claims no one to be trying to press you the end of task, 4 girls are in home so we have to compete with them, if you cant play job then accept it, Manu flood my water so should i fight v him? no one thrust you, you fell yourself, Lopa states my shoe laces to be open yet no one was enabling me come tie it, congrats come ticket come finale. Manu claims moving rapid was game, one had actually to loss down.

1am Lopa states to rohan that i am an extremely upset, rohan says dont worry, its nothing, Lopa says how could i slip? Rohan says you have to be thankful the you didnt hurt yourself, Lopa claims she was pushing me from behind, she cant execute it face to face. Niti states to Bani that ns wont push anyone out of orbit due to the fact that i dont desire anyone to press me, Bani claims Manu wont push you out, ns am no pushing Manu too. Manu says to Manveer that i want to complete for captaincy, if we try to perform anything they lug out girl card, ns would view to it if anyone make the efforts to press me, ns would press 4times more. Niti comes there and also says you re welcome no one press others, we will move with speed and also one would loss by slipping themselves. Manveer claims we room blamed that we space touching, pushing and talking in high key voice, Lopa states i just said come not push me, Manu states he is no talking about you only, that is saying generally that us lived below for 90days and didnt misbehave through anyone, its every on camera.

1:15am Buzzer plays, Niti states i will lead orbit this time. She starts top orbit, Bani states i will press gently, Niti says dont press me anyone. Inmates are moving quicker on orbit, Bani claims Niti dont fall down, gain down easily. Manu says i am getting dizzy now. Niti is behind Manveer, Niti asks Manveer to be careful, she deserve to push him, Manveer states this is no joke, Niti says i recognize this is wrong to touch a boy, Manveer claims you would certainly be in other places if i push you, Niti claims dont threaten me. Bani states i am feeling dizzy, her, Niti says move slowly. Rohan claims Bani’s bowl has least water, Manu is about to slip but hold on to Niti’s sleeve, Manu says i was emotion dizzy, lock start moving again, Lopa states Niti an excellent going. Niti slips indigenous orbit, her leg gets hurt, her bowl spills too, Niti start crying, inmates ask she to not cry, Manveer says i will certainly lift you, she states i will gain up on mine own, Mona and Manveer support her and makes her lie on garden. Lopa states niti you had actually most waster in your bowl, you did well.

2am Manveer claims to logo that you stated Bani had least water in bowl, Rohan says i request Bani to not press anyone. Manveer claims she to be pushing me, Manu says i will eliminate Bani from task, Manveer says do it gently. Niti desire Bani luck. Manu states i had talk with Bani, ns knew she would offer me minimal push and in result Niti would fall, Bani is fear of me, i would tell her plainly to no touch me, i will make she water spill, she can scream every she wants. Lopa claims to rohan that Bani is a goon, what if loss flat on my face and also injure mine head? she cares about task only, ns would never think in dream to perform this v anyone. Manu states i would certainly jerk she hand and water key will autumn from she hands, that all i would certainly do. Lopa says to logo that i know Bani would push someone native orbit, due to the fact that if she doesnt then someone will carry out with her. Manu says Bani is scared however she must have actually planned too, Manveer says if she can spill Niti’s then she can do through us too. Manu states i i do not know think, ns would need to push she bowl, i would carry out it.

2:15am Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s time that task has actually ended. Manu, Manveer and Bani says bigg boss should have finished it ideal now.

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2:30am Manu, Manveer and Bani room checking critical orbit and also sees the is very congested, castle scream. Bani states if friend both space in last climate what will certainly you do? Manu states i not care about ticket, i want captainship. Rohan says video game is to push human being out of task which Bani would do, Lopa says then why give her water and also food? ask she to gain down indigenous task and take water, we cant it is in cheap like her. Bani claims to Manu and also Manveer that ns am alone, its big deal that i got to alone it spins here. Manveer states wow good Bani. Lopa states why Bani is fear now? Lopa is upset for losing. Male says world would taunt me that i couldnt even become captain in 15weeks, Bani says become contender for it. Manveer states to Manu that i am fair person, ns would simply stop ~ above orbit, simply say yes, Manu says healthy and balanced talk is walking on, Manveer states dont think about captaincy now, you will certainly go to finale week and also you will rule, i can reduced your throat for you, nothing is bigger 보다 that.

PRECAP- Bani throws her liquid key away in anger. Bani shouts. Manveer claims you to be pushing people since start of task. Bani claims congrats for reaching finale, ns am frustrated that all reference me that i dont carry out in tasks yet i have reached it rotates here, why not you people understand mine point? Bani sit on sofa and also weeps and also is angry too. Later on there will certainly be task between Manu and also Manveer to success ticket to finale week. They will certainly go come shopping mall and also have to convince human being to poll for lock to do them victory ticket come finale week. Manu and Manveer room happy listening around task and also hugs each other.