Big Lots turn off off Robert C Byrd journey in Beckley.(Rick Barbero/The

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numerous 40-something and also 50-something occupants of southern West Virginia have actually memories of purchase at their local big Lots store with your parents in the 1980s and also 1990s.

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As the household breadwinners stocked up on the marked-down groceries, make-up, hair care products and also housewares at big Lots, their teenagers warily watched the door, hoping that an same self-conscious classmate did no spot them in search of close-out bargains.

Many the those teens grew into adults who love the high-quality products that big Lots provides at discount. Beckley huge Lots store manager Charles Acord claimed Tuesday that, end the previous 30 years, large Lots has likewise grown.

It has actually morphed from a close-out keep to a furniture and department store that is "somewhere in between Kohl"s and Walmart." big Lots, i beg your pardon is headquartered in Ohio, is investing numerous dollars nationwide to open up the "Store of the Future."

The Beckley store has actually been selected as a "Store that the Future." huge Lots is adding 14,000 square feet the retail an are and more upscale lighting, displays and themed shopping for shoppers in the Beckley market.

Starting in March, a remodeling of the Robert C. Byrd Drive store will attach the old society Carbon building with the currently 19,500-square-foot building, stated Acord.

"It"s remained in planning, probably, because that a little over a year," he reported. "Big Lots, as a company, is investing a most money earlier into every one of the stores, and they"re opening new stores together well.

"They select details markets, and they create a store of the Future," said Acord, who has traveled come Baltimore, Md., and other industries to open the new huge Lots stores. "Store the the Future is usually the next wave.

"Big Lots, in the past, has had a negative stigma of being a close-out retailer," he explained. "Realistically, they"re no longer simply a close-out retailer."

Nowadays, that said big Lots is, primarily, a furniture store.

When the Beckley keep reopens, maybe in so late August, it will sell 6,000 square feet of furniture and an ext theme shopping and also seasonal wares.

"We"re going native 1,800 square feet to 6,000 square feet in furniture," Acord said. "They"re law themes, too."

He claimed The Lot will be introduced at the new store. The lot is a section for themed shopping that will readjust periodically.

"We"ll have actually Camping Americana as soon as we open," he said. "It"s all layout merchandise — some soft lines, favor clothing, and hard lines that are geared towards the Americana look and also camping, combined."

The manager said large Lots staff are excited to market a keep of the Future to Beckley and for shoppers to get in their new huge Lots.

"Once civilization see the new store, girlfriend don"t even know you"re in a large Lots," the promised. "It"s totally, indigenous floor come ceiling, it"s complete, state the the art.

"State-of-the-art restrooms, there"s trellis lighting," he said. "You can actually walk to and look at shop of the Future top top there.

"If friend walked into one of them, you wouldn"t even know you were at a huge Lots."

He stated the store is at this time liquidating existing merchandise to begin construction in March. Managers and also staff plan to begin setting out was in the remodeled keep in July, and big Lots to plan a "soft opening" the the new store approximately Aug. 20.

Acord stated the Beckley place will need to close for the remodeling, yet shoppers may visit the Oak Hill store, i beg your pardon is a 13-minute drive.

Beckley common Councilman-at-Large Tim Berry welcomed the large Lots store of the Future come Beckley.

"Beckley is the height retail facility in southern West Virginia," Berry said. "We serve six counties here.

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"People come here to shop and patronize our restaurants, and we have actually well end 200 restaurants in the City the Beckley.