Personally i have set most that my documents with the at sight Diesel 4x4 and the Dune Buggy. I simply recently to buy and completely upgraded the supervisor Offroad and have to be breaking numerous of my personal records through this vehicle. What is your favorite vehicle to use? What perform you id is the best vehicle (when fully upgraded)? What have to be the car I spend all my money ~ above to gain the finest results? any type of input would be appreciated, many thanks guys!


Based on existing records, good all-around vehicles are: Moonlander, at sight Offroad, Dragster, Dune Buggy and also Rally Car. Probably Kiddie to express & eye Mobile too. However, take into account that several of these need a really skilled player to accomplish trully an excellent scores (e.g. The Moonlander which in countless tracks have the right to absolutely damage the competition IF the player is great enough). The supervisor Offroad is very an excellent and reasonably easy.

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Also, take into consideration that it constantly depends top top the monitor you are around to enter. The most perfect vehicle is most likely the one i m sorry holds the track document (see the sidebar).

At existing I have actually 8 level records with supervisor Offroad and really close to an additional 3. The is likewise my best auto in terms of as whole distance covered. That would then more than likely make the my finest all-round vehicle. My favourite though is the Tank. The is constantly the an initial vehicle i test any new level with. It can be my third best in state of overall distance (behind at sight Offroad and also Minibike), yet it is my favourite.

I was also thinking around including the Tank in my list of great all-round vehicles yet I didn't since it ill in Arctic, Highway, Xmas, alien Planet, Rooftops, Rainbow and Nuclear Plant. So, it's mine seventh best in state of all at once distance (102k) however it's quiet a vehicle I enjoy because it's an extremely easy and, in part tracks, really capable.

Anyway, /u/gtb0005 since you totally upgraded the supervisor Offroad you should be able to set many brand-new records. If ns was you, ns would shot the Moonlander next. It's superb on Moon, Forest, Mountain, Mudpool, Construction, Rainbow and Nuclear Plant but it's tricky. Also an excellent on Countryside, Desert and also Rooftops.

The ideal all-rounders, especially for normally-skilled drivers, room Super Offroad, Dune Buggy and, perhaps a tiny surprisingly, Monster Truck, regardless of its tiny fuel capacity.

For the actual experts, Dragster, Rally Car and Kiddie Express would be the tools of choice.

Super Offroad is probably the best.

My favourite is the Moonlander cuz flying is awesome :)

I have a personal thing for the Rally Car, together it's pretty decent on every level. If I had actually to only ever before use one car, this would certainly be it.

Just a tiny tip ns would choose to share with everyone: I have racked up the many money when I use my fully-upgraded at sight Diesel 4x4 ~ above the moon level. At sight Diesel does not have Downforce which means its much much easier to remain in the air and also racked increase cash. Likewise it has a large fuel tank so its straightforward to remain going for long periods of time and not need to bother with avoiding all the time to obtain fuel. Good for grinding.

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No need to "grind", just max out a automobile you yes, really like and also go for records on each and every run. Grinding does help develop some coin-minting skills, but these room not the an abilities that make for an excellent drivers.