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Kristine Leahy will try to rediscover the "lost art" the conversation in her brand-new TV display on Fox Sports" FS1 network this fall.

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That"s words from Mike Antinoro, senior vice chairman of IMG initial Content, who"s emerging Leahy"s present for the sports cable network. Citing tv inspirations favor Roy Firestone"s old "Up Close" show on ESPN, Antinoro claimed Leahy"s very first starring car will feature thorough "conversations" v athletes, celebrities and news-makers.

The 31-year-old Leahy"s 30-minute weekday program is meant to debut this fall (September or October) in the 5-6 p.m. ET slot on FS1, together a new sports betting present expected to feature Charissa Thompson, Brent Musburger, Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman. 

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You could speak to Leahy"s solo initiative an interview program, but Antinoro told Sporting News he prefers to call that a "conversation" show. Leahy newly left she post as news anchor on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" to construct the show v IMG. She was thrived by delight Taylor, moderator the "Undisputed" v Skip Bayless and also Shannon Sharpe.

Two and also a fifty percent years ago, Colin pertained to FS1, and took a huge risk adding my role, and me, to the show. In the time, I’ve had the rare possibility to simply “be me” ~ above TV and also that’s the ultimate goal, no it? This never ever felt choose work. That felt like I was going to hang out v my friends, talk about sports, argue v Colin around LeBron and Russ, and also sprinkle in some personal anecdotes. I am so grateful for Colin and our staff behind the scenes... We also got nominated because that an Emmy! So that is bittersweet come announce that i am leaving The Herd to host my very own show beginning this fall on FS1. I am so excited come share details in the coming weeks, and also I expect you’ll watch ❤️

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"We felt choose the long-form interview is type of a lost art this days when it concerns sports," said Antinoro. "That could be because of the proliferation the so much media — and therefore much access to athletes. They virtually can put their very own interviews up on any media they desire to. We want to have actually a real conversation." 

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Unlike various other FS1 shows, Leahy won"t broadcast from the network"s Los Angeles studios. Instead, she"ll go on place to the homes, gyms and also work places of her subjects.

The present doesn"t have a title yet, yet Antinoro is open to ideas. "Who would have actually thought (ESPN"s) "Pardon the Interruption" would be a good title? That"s a mouthful," he noted. "But the turned the end to it is in a genius title."

The display will mark a large step up for Leahy, co-host that NBC"s "American Ninja Warrior," and a previous sideline reporter/anchor for CBS, Turner Sports and FOX sports Boston.

Leahy do headlines by standing up to a bullying LaVar round on "The Herd." when Leahy pressed Ball around how many pairs the "Big Baller" sneakers he"d actually sold, the would-be mogul turned his ago on her — and famously called Leahy to "stay in yo lane." 

Leahy addressed the sphere confrontation v Cowherd ~ above "The Herd."

"Have some respect. Don’t threaten me. Nothing make personal jokes. Nothing mock me. And don’t say you’re not going come look me in the eye. If he desires to come on and look me in the eye, and be respectful, he can still disagree v me. I’m OK v that. Yet I will not forgive what the did," she said.

Later, she reported getting fatality threats over she dust-up v Ball. “For me this wasn’t a females issue. It wasn’t a gyeongju issue. However it has actually turned into both," she said. 

Ball"s fans defended him on society media, arguing Leahy had fired the very first shots through repeatedly insulting his parenting skills and saying boy Lonzo Ball seemed "terrified" that his dad.

"Who is she to comment on (LaVar) Ball"s parenting however (people) are increase in eight (because) he clapped ago on her?! What to be I missing here?" tweeted Damien Woody, the previous NFL player turn ESPN soccer analyst.

More than a year later, Leahy is ready to gain started ~ above her own show. Acquiring out the the studio setting and into the homes and workplaces of interview subjects will hopefully make them open up up more, Antinoro said.

"We will shot to keep it together comfortable and also casual as feasible so we really are looking in on a conversation v Kristine and also (her subject)," he added.

A successful new Leahy display would mark another coup because that Antinoro and his fast-growing IMG initial Content, i m sorry produces daily talk shows, award shows and also live events for both linear and also digital networks such together FOX, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon and ABC.

IMG initial Content freshly teamed with HBO sporting activities to create the critically acclaimed "Being Serena," a five-part docu-series on tennis superstar Serena Williams. 

During his stints at IMG and also Dick Clark Productions, the award-winning Antinoro has developed sports shows such "Super Bowl"s greatest Commercials," "UConn Huskies: The March come Madness" and also "NFL Honors." that reports to IMG co-president note Shapiro, the previous ESPN executive. 

The new Leahy present will be component of FS1"s plan revamp of its weekday afternoon programming block. An broadened two-hour version of Jason Whitlock"s "Speak because that Yourself" (5-6 p.m) is supposed to move into the 3-5 p.m. Time slot.

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Sporting News broke the story that Cowherd plans to action down as co-host the "SFY" and will be replaced by ESPN"s Marcellus Wiley.