Those of you who review this blog on regular basis will recognize that i haven’t had much luck with raids in Cataclysm. In fact, I’d provided up on ever killing a Firelands boss before the next expansion.

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But the didn’t avoid me indigenous trying, and I was able to get into a raid on my rogue a few days ago. They were on the firehawk boss, Alysrazor, by the time I gained there. What complied with was one of the most brutally challenging and soul-crushing experience in mine entire human being of Warcraft career.To make a long story short, ns did okay on phase one, yet was instakilled every time the phase through the fire tornadoes come around, and also the group eventually failed due to a absence of DPS as result of me being dead. I’ve resulted in wipes before, but this may have actually been the an initial time whole raid failed since of me.

This uncomfortable me for this reason badly ns just around gave up on raiding permanently. However soon after, ns did gain into a Blackwing lower raid ~ above my holy paladin, in which i was basically lugged to a cost-free Nefarian death by part Firelands-geared superheroes.

Maybe BWD offered me courage, or perhaps I’m just a glutton for punishment, but I joined an additional Firelands operation on mine paladin critical night. I expected to maybe get Shannox before we to be beaten to a pulp, and also maybe have more to rant about on this here blog.

I went 6/7 with just three wipes.

They preserved going, but I left because I was about to loss asleep at my keyboard.

I couldn’t believe how smooth it went. I suppose it’s due to the fact that it was mostly a guild group, but even I managed not come screw up. I even lived with Alysrazor — though I’m not sure how. My just guess is that it was since I had actually two feather this time instead of one. Possibly the other team forgot to point out you require two come live? reality be told, I had actually no proviso what i was claimed to carry out through a an excellent chunk of the raid.

So currently I’m not sure what to make of the challenge of Firelands. Ns still speak whoever designed Alysrazor requirements a punch in the jaw, but on the other hand, Baleroc to be actually as well easy. I had this nice, practiced rant and also narrative around how Blizzard was out to get the casual players after my an initial attempt, yet after the 2nd raid, now I don’t understand what to say.

There are two points I’m certain of, though.

One is that Firelands, Alysra aside, is awesome. I really haven’t enjoyed the Cataclysm raids an extremely much so far. They’re aesthetically bland, lacking in lore, and generally have dull mechanics — with the notable exception of Cho’gall. Firelands, on the other hand, is beautiful and features awe-inspiring music and an extremely fun ceo fights.Staghelm was most likely my favourite. That was simply the perfect level of challenge to get my blood pumping without resulting in a panic attack. The mechanics were distinct without gift bizarre or incomprehensible. He to be a character with a an excellent backstory I’d to be looking front to killing. And also his animal forms were fantastic-looking.

Rhyolith was damn fun, too.

The only one i can’t speak I took pleasure in was Shannox. It managed to be hard to heal despite its bland, straightforward mechanics, and also I felt bad for killing his dogs.

The various other thing I’m certain of is that one (amazingly fun) raid doesn’t change my opinion ~ above the state that raiding in this game. Ns got extremely lucky. The doesn’t adjust the truth that it took months for me to even attempt to death a ceo in Firelands, or the fact that it might be main or months an ext before I obtain to go again. That doesn’t adjust the reality that world less knowledgeable with raiding than I would be shed in most of this fights. I still think raiding is a negative system, bordering on the broken, and I still hope and also pray the Raid Finder will change things for the better.

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I will certainly say one great thing about the Cataclysm raid model, though: shorter raids are much better. It’s a much better sense of success to clear many or every one of an instance in a night than simply a small component of it. And also let’s be ethical with ourselves here; Ulduar walk not need fourteen bosses.