A story As Old as Time

This timeless masterpiece has been provided life top top stage and also screen, an initial as a feature animated movie by Disney and later as a struggle Broadway musical. Currently this emotional love story will certainly be perform on-stage in as a neighborhood production.

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Beauty and also the Beast follows the fortunes that Belle, a smart, beautiful young mrs living in a quiet town in France, gone after by the not-so-sharp local heart-throb. Her visit to the neighborhood castle takes her on a whole new adventure once she comes confront to face with The Beast, and also must decision whether come look past his outward appearance, or come shun and despise him as the villagers have actually done.

This enchanting and whimsical tale will operation at in , ,



Opening night: 25 July 2017


Suitable for audiences of every ages

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This manufacturing is no affiliated through the us tour that Disney"s Broadway production. The over image is taken native the Broadway production and does not represent this local production.


You may be required to have had actually a COVID vaccine in order to attend this power or present proof the a an unfavorable test. Please contact the venue directly for an ext information on this.


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