I broke my no buy and indulged in bath & Body works Beach Nights (Summer Marshmallow) yesterday yet it’s fleetingly beautiful, oh, and it give me a bad case the s’more cravings.

Why a no buy? since I’ve called myself ns wouldn’t indulge in any much more Bath & Body works Fragrance Mists due to the fact that they oh so disappointed me. Yes, correct I know layer! I perform layer but even though bath & human body Works improved their formula a few years back I quiet can’t gain them to last on mine skin. It’s a mist and also disappear moment. Le sigh. Seriously, it’s choose misting v water many days.

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But ns couldn’t stand up to Bath & Body functions Beach Nights because hello, marshmallow! how does anyone withstand marshmallow scented anything right?

Let’s be honest, bathtub & Body works fragrances have tendency to all run together at times. They yes, really don’t produce as plenty of unique fragrances together one would certainly hope for and there a many repetitive scents that seem to do an illustration over and also over again. But sometimes, you can a great one and also that good one would certainly be beach Nights.

Ironically, the top and also middle notes room incredible on some Bath & human body fragrances but sadly the dry under notes all have actually the same fruity, sweet scent to mine nose. I think coast Nights is one of the few scents that retains few of its top notes.

This small fragrance rather reminds me that Marshmallow Pumpkin freckles Latte but without the pumpkin and spice elements. The fragrance start off v a warm, toasty, mellow marshmallow note. It’s an alleged to follow up through sea salt breeze which I would certainly assume would be one aquatic note yet I get the toasty marshmallow as the conquer opening note. It includes ginger flower, coconut orchid, as well as S’Mores Accord for middle notes but the initial application retains the toasty marshmallow keep in mind throughout the dry down. As it dries creamy vanilla joins the yummy marshmallow and also a hint of bath & body Work’s renowned driftwood note comes into play and a light, softer musk. It’s a funny thing as the fragrance manages to maintain its early top keep in mind of marshmallow with the dry down and also wear.

As ns said over if girlfriend take away the pumpkin and spice indigenous Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte you’d basically have actually Beach Nights!

It’s delightful to to speak the least however sadly fleetingly as the wear, also after literally hosing myself down with it, just lasts about two hrs tops ~ above me. If I use the human body cream i can obtain an extra hour from it but the fragrance is really faint after the very first hour the application. I sure perform wish they would make their fragrances a little stronger. Or probably I just have poor chemistry.

None the much less I’ll take it what I have the right to get since Bath & Body functions Beach Nights is precious it.

Love this one.

It’s obtainable now in shop or prevent the aggressive sales reps and catch it digital at bathandbodyworks.com.

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I didn’t really like any type of of these new scents. Lock smelled good, just too sweet. They likewise had some various other summer scents that aren’t as heavily advertised, I gained one dubbed Blue waves & Citrus and it smells for this reason good! the smells like the beach. I obtained the body wash and lotion because they to be on sale because that $7 and I had a coupon because that a complimentary item so I gained the body spray. Sadly it doesn’t last. I will certainly douse myself in it in the bathroom and also I won’t be able to smell it on myself in the living room. Think I could leave that in mine car and just spray myself anytime I gain out to go somewhere.