Battlefield 1 multiplayer rewards players through something dubbed Battlepacks and also scrap and puzzle pieces. V so countless non-specific price packages, it deserve to be confusing to figure out what you"re actually obtaining when you complete a game. Here"s whatever you must know around Battlepacks, Scrap, and also Puzzle Pieces.

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As girlfriend play the multiplayer in Battlefield 1, you"ll gain the normal reward of experience to level the different classes, but you"ll also get different items the correspond to different weapons. This guide will define what Battlepacks, Scrap, and also Puzzle pieces are, as well as how to get them and also what benefits each provide. The guide will be separated into 3 sections, one committed to every collectible.

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Much like in previous Battlefields, Battlepacks contain weapon skins, which might not be evident from the “May Contain” message you view in the sidebar when looking in ~ one. No, you"re not getting improved weapons v random autumn in Battlepacks. It"s not a pay-to-win thing, however rather a way to let you change the appearance of her guns.

One of the methods you can gain Battlepacks is as a reward at the finish of a multiplayer match. A grouping of users will appear who seemingly earned Battlepacks, but the truth is that who gets liked to obtain one is totally random. If you"re looking to score a lot of Battlepacks, climate prepare come grind the end a the majority of multiplayer matches.

The other method to get Battlepacks is by utilizing Scrap come buy castle in the Battlepacks screen. Battlepacks come in three flavors: the consistent Battlepack, Enhanced, and also Superior. Continual Battlepacks cost 200 Scrap and also can have skins of every rarities. The enhanced Battlepack prices 450 and also gives girlfriend a higher chance of getting a legend skin and also a bonus item. The superior Battlepack expenses 900 and has a guaranteed legendary in it and also an even an ext increased possibility at gaining a bonus item. You can absolutely open up a Legenday in a typical Battlepack, but the much more expensive choices increases your possibilities greatly.


Also note that each Battlepack comes from different sets well-known as Revisions, which contain various skins and also rotate regularly to save the feasible skin pulls fresh.


When you obtain a skin girlfriend don"t want, friend can convert it into Scrap, i beg your pardon is used in the Battlepack keep to buy much more Battlepacks. Trashing a one-of-a-kind skin gets you 30 Scrap, 90 because that a distinguished one, and 270 because that a Legendary. This is the only method to gain Scrap, so naturally you"re walk to need to have gained Battlepacks from random rewards after multiplayer matches in bespeak to start trashing tools for scrap to buy much more Battlepacks.

Basically you need to start grinding multiplayer matches until you earn one or two Battlepacks, decide which skin you don"t desire to keep, then begin buying an ext Battlepacks, which will then gain you more scrap from skin you don"t want. It"s a vicious cycle, yet if you"re in the market for skins, you"re going to have to put up with it.

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces space a new feature come the Battlefield series, and they"re quite self-explanatory: Get five of a specific kind that puzzle piece, and you"ll score among two different melee weapon skins currently on offer. Puzzle pieces have actually a possibility of appearing in Battlepacks in ar of a weapon skin, and also are much more likely to be found in the an ext premium Battlepacks.

The melee weapons at this time on offer through Puzzle Pieces are the Bartek Bludgeon and also the Sawtooth Knife, and also though there hasn"t to be word the if/when brand-new weapons would certainly appear, leaks suggest that they may be just arrived soon.

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