A couple weeks ago my son had an AAU basketball tournament in Botavia, Ohio. While us were there, my an extremely spoiled 4 year old daughter just had actually to have a new Barbie. She has the Barbie dream house, helicopter, motorcycle, bus, and also everything else that Barbie has. Ns wanna be choose Barbie! 

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As us were driving off to go home, I could hear my daughter whimpering. Climate she said, “Oh, no!” I instantly asked what is wrong. She let me recognize that she had left her Barbie at the game. Her mommy scolded her since she warned her no to take the doll right into the game. Mine daughter to be distraught, and when she cry I need to admit ns got an extremely bothered.

I have actually been talking to mine daughter about being a “big girl” and also not crying as soon as she gets upset. Ns tell she to come and tell daddy and daddy will resolve it. I just hate to view my daughter or any type of of my children worry. I don’t prefer to watch them uncomfortable.

We had actually not do it to the interstate however so we turned around and went ago to the venue wherein the competition was. We looked roughly the gym. We couldn’t discover it. She began to whimper and also I tenderness reminded her that huge girls nothing cry. So we pulled off for the second time in the direction of the interstate. Ns told her mom to just stop by the store and also pick up an additional Barbie. It had actually been a long weekend. We were ready to obtain on the road. One more $10 no going to break us. It wasn’t a large deal come us, but to she it to be everything.

We all know that misfortunes room a part of life. Sometimes it deserve to look and feel together if it is every over. Worry can seem so natural. However, what is yes, really being achieved when we worry? What is being fixed? All follow me I knew the if I had to change the lost doll then the is what I would do. It wasn’t a difficulty for me in ~ all. The holy bible asks us, is there anything too tough for God? God can aid you uncover that shed wedding ring that is hiding under her bed. That can additionally make that small check stretch to critical to the finish of the month. We must discover to run to Him. We must discover to inquire of Him. Us must find out to seek Him.

The Rev. Ron Moore Jr. Is the associate minister at very first Corinthian Baptist Church in Frankfort. Call him at Revronmoore



To carry this assumed to the reasonable conclusion, if we have actually a fixer, in this case God or daddy, that corrects every one of our mistakes, we will never learn from them. And also maybe that’s why God walk not pick to intervene?

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Keep preaching the Lord"https://jamesmerse.com/back-to-the-bible-ron-moore/imager_2_8553_700.jpgs indigenous Reverend Moore. Because that "https://jamesmerse.com/back-to-the-bible-ron-moore/imager_2_8553_700.jpgnothing is impossible, through His help."https://jamesmerse.com/back-to-the-bible-ron-moore/imager_2_8553_700.jpg