Brave Udders

Brave Udders

Brave Udders (2008) Season 1 episode 117-A- earlier At The Barnyard Cartoon episode Guide
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Nickelodeon animation Studios, Omation animation Studio spread by:Nickelodeon Productions Cartoon Characters:Otis the Cow, Bessy the Bovine, Pip the Mouse, Freddy the Ferret, Peck the Rooster, Pig the Pig, fight it out the Dog, Abby the Cow, Mr. Beady, Mrs. Beady, Krebs the Duck. Command ByMike Gasaway, Todd Grimes. Produced ByMargaret M. Dean, Paul Marshal, Jed Spingarn, Kyle Jolly. Composed ByGene Grillo, Joel Bergen, Alex Muniz, Jed Spingarn. Editor:Lance Bachelder, Kimberly LaCroix. An initial Aired top top July 23, 2008. Initially Aired top top Nickelodeon. To run Time:15 minutes. Episode Number:117-A Season:1 color U.S.A.

Otis it s okay a letter indigenous his childhood bully saying he"s "coming" for him. Otis freaks remembering all the beat-downs at his bully"s hands. V the assist of his friends, Otis decides to confront the bully. As soon as the bully arrives, the pets are surprised come find...(more)

CGI animation. Based upon the 2006 Paramount photos animated attribute film "Barnyard: The initial Party Animals." Otis and also his gang of fun-loving farm pets move from the huge screen to Nickelodeon television. The series follows the adventures of...(more)
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