In an unsurprising rotate of events, ‘Attack ~ above Titan’ season 4 illustration 10 sheds light on the incidents that transpired throughout the time skip. One unlikely and also recurring motif in the illustration is the Queen that Paradis Island— Historia. So exactly how did Eren become so radical end the past couple of years, and why is he colluding with Zeke after all this time? We’re below to share our theories v you. Spoilers AHEAD.

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Attack ~ above Titan Season 4 episode 10 Recap

Eren is in his prison cell, and also Hange comes up to talk to him around recent events. However, most of the episode makes use of flashbacks come unfurl the story. We go back by two years when the port of Paradis Island is completed. They welcome their first visitor, Kiyomi Azumabito indigenous Hizuru, the only nation on trusted terms through Paradis. Kiyomi mirrors a cloth with a household crest, and long story short, we learn an ext about Mikasa’s ancestry— she is the shed descendant of Hizuru’s shogun, and Kiyomi even refers to Mikasa as “the expect of Hizuru.”

Kiyomi then tells the Paradis officials the this meeting has been clandestinely arranged with Zeke’s help. In yet an additional flashback, we learn an ext about Kiyomi’s intentions. Zeke had gifted her ODM equipment but additionally mentioned that it required special fuel come operate. This fuel is called Iceburst Stone, but it is only obtainable on Paradis Island. Together such, in the existing age that modernization, Hizuru is looking come capitalize on this resource.

Kiyomi then details Zeke’s three-point plan. The first stage is to conduct a test operation of the Rumbling. Then, Paradis will have to strengthen its military. Finally, the founding Titan and also a titan with imperial blood must be pass down. Zeke likewise plans to provide up his Beast Titan to someone that has royal blood. As such, Historia is the only eligible candidate as she is the only one of regal descent.

But Eren go not desire to sacrifice his comrades and also absolutely hates the idea that Historia inheriting a titan. He also objects and also states the they require to explore other options. This is why, in real-time, Eren angrily asks Hange if she has some tricks up her sleeve to save Historia, even though he loses his temper and also states the he has the strength of the battle Hammer Titan and also the establishing Titan and also that no jail can keep that imprisoned as such. However Zeke’s arrangement is evidently in motion as Historia is currently pregnant.

We go earlier in time again together we find out that Hizuru won’t aid Paradis Island trade v others as they want to monopolize the latter’s resources. At this point, the human being of Paradis Island have actually no other an option but to rental the Rumbling in bespeak to defend themselves. Hange at some point wants come infiltrate Marley and also show the civilization that they only want peace. In an additional conversation, the members that the Levi squad talk around who would inherit Eren’s titan. While anyone feels like they space the finest candidate because that the job, Eren claims that he loves them all too much to carry out that to them.

Attack top top Titan Season 4 illustration 10 Ending: Why is Eren finally Colluding v Zeke?

In the present, everyone ultimately wonders what do Eren readjust his mind. After all, initially, he to be desperately trying to find other alternatives and did not want to hurt his very own comrades. However, Eren’s actions in Marley have actually led to mass destruction and also death. Together everyone concerns the readjust in Eren’s personality, Mikasa is the just one that defends him. But then, Connie asks she why Eren laughed as soon as Sasha died.


Connie has posed a rather pertinent question, and that scene is undoubtedly etched in everyone’s brain. In retrospect, the was as soon as we very first saw Eren transform into a cynical adult. His brand of nihilistic optimism has actually been changed with a much much more radical idea— that he, and also only he, can save Paradis Island at this point. In ~ least, that’s just how Eren looks at it. Yet the reality is not fairly the same.

There is this sort of karmic irony in that Eren subjects Marley come the very same level of destruction and annihilation the he himself observed as a child. Everyone rightly points out that the old Eren would never ever subject his friends to senseless violence. However the adult Eren makes his very own comrades fight on the former lines, and also this outcomes in Sasha’s death. All this just points to the reality that Eren desperately wants to save his people and also is grasping at straws to ensure that the world of Paradis Island can be for sure as shortly as possible.

This is essentially why Eren has determined to work-related with Zeke. There’s no love lost between the two half-brothers, and even though they are technically family, that is apparent that neither is in the for personal reasons. Zeke desires to conserve all Eldians, conversely, Eren just wants to conserve his loved ones. However, it has actually been established that the Rumbling is crucial in bespeak to protect Paradis Island, and Historia has likewise accepted her duty as the quasi-sacrificial pawn.

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It is obvious that this has triggered Eren, together at the start of the episode, Hange even brings up the reality that Eren did not want to hurt Historia and put she in harm’s way. Obviously, this earlier chain of events had proven come Eren the no matter what he does, the cannot protect everyone. Together such, the seemingly bring away a rather excessive approach— one of two people he protects everyone, or the destroys everything. Initially, Eren was adopting the an initial ideology, whereas now, frustrated v a lack of results, he has actually taken matters right into his own hands. In his mind, working with Zeke is no longer an option.