Ever due to the fact that the first foot that the Appalachian Trail was cleared, visitor usage management has been crucial for protecting A.T. Resources and guiding hikers toward safe and Trail-friendly practices.READ MORE

Overseeing the management and conservation of the Appalachian national Scenic Trail since 1925.

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The mission of the Appalachian trace Conservancy is come protect, manage, and also advocate because that the Appalachian nationwide Scenic Trail.

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The Pathway from Recreation to Conservation

Through our actions ~ above the Appalachian Trail and also beyond, us can help conserve a valuable natural resource and inspire others to perform the same.
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Q&A v Our new Regional Directors

The Appalachian trace Conservancy (ATC) is very excited to have not one, however two new Regional Directors sign up with the team this month!

A brand-new #podcast is getting here this October! From being envisioned come the an initial thru-hiker and beyond, the… https://t.co/XdrUHqd7j8about 2 days ago|
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The A.T. Returns house at Lehigh Gap, Pennsylvania

Starting in mid-October, the Keystone Trails combination will change the phibìc Trail"s blue blazes to white blazes and hikers will as soon as again take it in the tremendous views of Lehigh gorge on their A.T. Hikes. Click come read much more at lehighvalleylive.com.
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Broadening the Base

Inclusive initiatives are crucial to structure engagement with and support because that the Appalachian Trail.
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COVID-19 latest Updates

The latest info on COVID-19 security on the A.T. And also how the pandemic could influence your long walking plans.
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From the hills to The Hill

ATC intern Ethan Goldman mirrors on how, there is no the tough work of so numerous previous follow maintainers, his occupational (and the occupational of many others) would not be possible.
Plan and PrepareHiker resource LibraryGetting all set for one A.T. Adventure? This library of resources will assist you stay safe, healthy, and responsible ~ above the Appalachian Trail.LEARN MORE


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Membership benefits incorporate an overlapping Appalachian Trail piece map, four worries of A.T. Journeys - our member magazine, discounts at the ultimate Appalachian trace Store, volunteer opportunities and invitations to one-of-a-kind events.




We count on the sacrament of donors prefer you to aid us meet our mission and vision of protecting the Appalachian Trail.

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Volunteers space the heart and soul the the Appalachian Trail. We have actually plenty of avenues for you come give ago to the Trail girlfriend love for this reason much.