protected:DWORD m_dwMountTime;public: DWORD GetLastHorseTime() const return m_dwHorseTime; DWORD CHARACTER::GetMyHorseVnum() const int delta = 0; m_dwMountTime = get_dword_time(); return c_aHorseStat.iNPCRace + delta; ok, over there is my code.

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After as soon as i try to translate into i acquire an error :

char_horse.cpp: In member role "virtual DWORD CHARACTER::GetMyHorseVnum() const": char_horse.cpp:210:16: error: assignment that member "CHARACTER::m_dwHorseTime" in read-only thing m_dwHorseTime = get_dword_time();Where is the problem? :)


A member function significant const cannot readjust the state of the class. In GetMyHorseVnum() you have

m_dwMountTime = get_dword_time();Which transforms the state that the class. You either need to remove the const modifer top top the function or make m_dwMountTime mutable



You can"t change a member variable in a const member function, i beg your pardon promise won"t readjust the state of the class.

You could want to do m_dwMountTime mutable to make it modifiable:

mutable DWORD m_dwMountTime; mutable - applies to non-static course members of non-reference non-const kind and mentions that the member go not impact the externally clearly shows state that the class (as frequently used because that mutexes, memo caches, lazy evaluation, and access instrumentation). Mutable members that const classes are modifiable. (Note: the C++ language grammar treats mutable as a storage-class-specifier, yet it go not impact storage class.)


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