Assassin"s Creed beginnings - defeat the Elephants basic Way

How to loss the Elephants

I have approximately 35 hrs of video game play on Origins and also have completed the in its entirety story in nightmare difficulty, however as the title says this guide is on around how to defeat those fat elephants (all of them, 5 altogether) and also earn sweet 5 capacity points and also have yourself amongst those 13.9% the has completed “THE HARDER lock FALL”.

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Now onto the guide make sure you room at the very least level 38 and have pretty lot of her breastplate and also your stabiliser at higher levels.There will certainly be some specific weapon exclusive right that will be forced for this to be easy.

Weapons Required

Melee 1. Any kind of melee weapon that has actually combo multiplier and also health on fight perk not wellness on kill or wellness on critical. I offered Sword the the Duat – the finest sword in the whole game. It’s obtained lvl 4 combo multiplier and lvl 4 an important hit price with wellness on fight perk. Girlfriend can get it by death the god a few times.

Melee 2. Any kind of melee weapon that has actually lvl 3 or lvl 4 Adrenaline regeneration. (I had actually Storm knives – Legendary dual blades that you achieve after death Ra’s Mercy Phylake)

Bow 1. Light Bow – spirit Catcher – you can acquire this legend light bow once you complete “Light amongst The Dunes” quest. You get health on fight perk and also rate the fire and vital hit rate. It’s no a difficult quest at all to complete.

Bow 2. Warrior Bow – The fourth Plague: friend can gain this finest warrior bow in the game by killing the Galatian Phylake. It’s obtained health top top hit too as crucial damage perk through max level on precision.

Shield. Make sure you use the shield that provides you many health and possibly ranged resistance perk reason the elephant riders shoot girlfriend arrows.

Now simply a quick an alert that you will certainly be using bows mostly and also then her melee weapon. Perform not usage the melee weapon that doesn’t have health on hit perk. Make sure you have all the items with those perk ready to use.

Weapon with adrenaline regen perk is for defence and offence. Wellness on hit to heal every time you acquire hit. Warrior bow increases your adrenaline bar faster than using light bow.

Game Plan

Whenever you start a struggle with any of these elephants constantly use your warrior bow to obtain the adrenaline bar filled fast. 3 shots and it will be filled. You want to store your distance and then walk to her light bow to strike the elephant native distance. When ever the elephant charges toward you make certain to dodge and also hit them v your melee weapon that has health on struggle perk with combo multiplier, or use the transition + F switch to run away much faster to left or right. You obtain arrows every time you operation low for this reason make certain to store moving and also picking them. Every time friend take far 33% that the health from the elephant the gets an ext aggressive so be on high alert and also keep pressing that dodge switch whenever the elephant is near you.

There will be times as soon as the elephant will certainly turn back and to walk away, this is the time as soon as it will certainly rush in ~ you much faster than regular attacks. This would be the perfect time to use your shift + F and then struggle it. This prevents the elephant from rushing towards you and also you have the right to dodge conveniently the attack from the elephant and the stomp. This is wherein your combo multiplier shines fine in this fight so always be ready to dish out part flurry the your strikes but carry out not get too greedy.

Keep repeating this and also you will complete the Elephant easy.

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Side note: Whenever friend fight the 2 elephant Qetesh and Resheph over there will always be among them attacking you at very first while the various other will continue to be behind and also throw arrrows. Kill the elephant that attacks you. Then the various other is really basic to kill.