Recently, i was invite to review the spa solutions of Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge situated in the Soho area that Manhattan. Base in the principles of east holistics and also aromatherapy; this full service spa and salon offers everything from hair styling to makeup applications to spa services.

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I visit Soho fairly often and I hadn’t also realized the the spa to be there, it just opened up in May and also is quiet tucked far in one office building. I was booked for a facial and a chakra balancing massage.

The spa has a crisp, clean, practically sterile aesthetic with vast loft style windows. I love beautiful decor and the inner was fairly striking through a pretty chandelier at the entrance.


In the prior of the spa is the waiting area and also the salon and also a makeup application station for for a celebrity. As you walk v the earlier there is a manicure station with bright artwork.



 Once i arrived to my treatment room I obtained the chakra balancing massage first. As soon as I arrived, I’d been provided chakra cards with various words and colors on them. I decided the 3 that resonated through me the best. I was climate asked to odor the fragrant that coincided to each of the cards and I finished up picking a solar plexus chakra card. I discovered it to be quote ironic and also accurate yet that is the chakra the I occupational on the most when I exercise Reiki. The massage was deeply relaxing and I really took pleasure in the aromatherapy element because it yes, really adds to the who relaxing experience.

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After the massage I had a signature facial through a really kind esthetician. We disputed how crucial it is come get consistent facials especially throughout the adjust of seasons. The facial contained a deep cleansing with steam, skin analysis, a tenderness exfoliation complied with by a customized moisturizing factory masque, extractions and a deeply relaxing shoulder. All at once it was very relaxing other than for the extractions yet the end result was precious it – squeaky clean pores! After mine facial ns was given a warm cup of tea come relax in the lounge.


Overall I had a an excellent time in ~ Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge, the room was beautiful and also the staff was knowledgeable and also friendly. Have you saw Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge?

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