How To break Handcuffs

Use a Hacksaw

If you to be able to acquire away native those who placed the handcuffs on you, you"ll desire to find a means to acquire out the them.

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You require to uncover a Hacksaw, they aren"t specifically common though.

Locate one in industrial, residential and military booty spawns, or also in grocery store stores.

Bear in mind the you"ll need another player to usage the hacksaw on your restraints.

This is the more tough of the two alternatives otherwise monitor the actions below.

Break her Restraints

Next up, you"ll just need your brute strength.

Alternate pressing the A and D keys.

When Handcuffs are in a bad Damaged state you have to get totally free pretty quickly.

The much better state they"re in the much longer it will take you.

This method if the handcuffs space Pristine you"ll most likely be sitting there a while, unfortunately.

Use A Key

You most likely looked increase this guide since you don"t have actually a key.

Although if you"re merely confused and also so is a friend who placed the handcuffs on, it"s really simple.

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Use a crucial on the player who is detained and you"ll unlock your restraints!

In future shot not come be also trusting that sketchy people, you"ll likely end up in this case again.

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