Twenty contestants pair off as part declare love at an initial sight, and also a contestant chooses her enhance despite discovering he has someone else in mind.

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Julia gets flack because that leading john on, Morgan choose a enhance the home thinks is much better suited to Sam, and Kaylen and Gio realize they"re top top the exact same page.

John walk off once Stephen renders a play because that Julia. Tori and also Camille set their sights top top the very same guy. The pressure is on because that the “golden couples” heading right into the fact Booth.

Gio starts jamesmerse.come pull away from Kaylen, and as Tori and also Asaf gain closer, Asaf traction a relocate that could transform their relationship.

Stephen"s feelings are solidified because that Julia, video camer gets blackout drunk and also doesn"t remember his hookup, and also a couple expected to enhance heads to the fact Booth.

Francesca finds jamesmerse.comfort in one more man"s eight after Asaf shifts his attention, and Gio it s okay flack indigenous the home for hitting top top Julia in prior of Stephen.
Cam is turned off by Victoria"s insecurities, Tyler and John gain into a heated argument, and also the house"s development is stalled.
The guys" ex-girlfriends do an appearance, and the house feels push to use a reality Booth ~ above a contestant who"s persuaded he"s uncovered his match.
Approaching your second-to-last opportunity to find all 10 perfect matches, an epos fight in between Prosper, Gio and Kaylen intimidates to dismantle any kind of unity the house has left.
It’s all or nothing together heading into the tenth and also final Matchup Ceremony. Strategy leader the team to believe in one collection of matches but, Asaf struggles between following his heart and also being team player.
As 22 singles jamesmerse.come in the Dominican Republic for their possibility at love, 3 couples are paired off based upon their parents’ matchmaking and a truth Booth shake-up making things interesting.
A live aftershow in which cast members and celebrities offer prompt reaction to that night"s episode and also discuss love, dating and relationships through each other and also fans at home.
The difficulty tests the ladies" sense of smell, Alicia and also Andre do a love connection, and also Carolina gets emotionally over Joey"s Getaway Date.
The drama doesn’t finish after the jamesmerse.complement Up awareness Lights revolve off. In this live after show, AYTO actors members, special guests, and relationship experts break down love, life, dating, and everything AYTO.
The potential matches space a chaos after a devastating Matchup Ceremony, the an obstacle digs deep into the housemates" virtual profiles, and tensions flare in between Tyler and Taylor.
The drama doesn’t finish after the enhance Up consciousness Lights rotate off. In this live ~ show, AYTO actors members, distinct guests, and relationship experts breakdown love, life, dating, and everything AYTO.
Gianna and Hayden can"t seem to continue to be away from every other, the males shoot hoops for the challenge, and also Tyler brings two women to tears.
Host, Terrence J, and AYTO and also America’s next Top Model cast members dish on all the drama the went down in tonight’s AYTO and also ANTM episodes.
The housemates obtain in the hot seat because that a lie detector challenge, Kam and also Edward obtain closer ~ above a flow cruise Getaway Date, and also a late-night hookup causes a stir.
Host, Terrence J, and also AYTO and America’s next Top Model cast members food on all the drama that went under in tonight’s AYTO and also ANTM episodes.
The guys" best friends dish part dirt in the challenge, Tyler keeps gaining himself right into trouble, and the housemates get strategic about their next Matchup Ceremony.
Sparks space flying between Hannah and also Ozzy! can they be the house’s following perfect match? Don’t miss a new episode of #AYTO ~ above Wednesday in ~ 9/8c!
Carolina and also Hayden are having actually fun and Gianna is no happy around it. Don’t miss out on a new episode the #AYTO top top Wednesday at 9/8c!
Kari and Derrick check out their sapiosexuality as they realize they"re attractive to each other"s intelligence.
The actors of The Hills gets a new start when The Hills: brand-new Beginnings premieres ~ above June 25 ~ above AU and NZ.

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It"s a search to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and also only the ideal of the best will do when Lindsay Lohan"s Beach club premieres January 9 at 12pm - same time as the US and also only ~ above!