What application are girlfriend in when you're trying to sign in? what in Settings? The much more details you can provide the better the answer you'll get.

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Where in settings? There room a variety of different locations in setups where you might need to sign in.

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I am having same issue on both mine iPhone and iPad i purchased something in a game and also now it said I need to sign in and when I carry out in setting under the authorize in or all over all I acquire is verification failed

Same concern for me. As soon as I log in on my iphone settings or in mine macbook setups under icloud, I obtain the exact same message" confirmation Failed. The application you have selected does not exist." On my macbook, it allowed me to reset mine password and also subsequently the password allowed me to log into the assistance pages, but I cannot access anything that supplies my jamesmerse.com i would on my iphone phone (no to apologize pay, etc).

Same. I have tried signing right into password & security section, uncover my iPhone, and also iCloud online. The iCloud and find my iphone both in settings on my iPad and also iPhone, and online on the iPad, iPhone, and s10 5g phone. Naught is working. I’ve even tried resetting my password and it won’t take it

Use the call Support connect in the top right that every web page in this forums come let jamesmerse.com recognize this is happening.

Same issue on mine mac. ICloud setups in mechanism preferences, ~ above the net when do the efforts to log in to develop an application certain password, and the application certain password i had created for fantastical simply last mainly mysteriously stopped working. The brand-new one I created won't job-related either. I'm surprised I was able to log in here.

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I additionally had this notification show up as soon as I entered jamesmerse.com ID and tried to go into my jamesmerse.com password. I likewise downloaded a new app to my macbook air and went to sign in on mine jamesmerse.com ID and also it offered me that error message. But I signed right into my jamesmerse.com identifier to obtain onto this forum and had no issues.

I’m having the very same problem. I tried to reclaim my phone however I can’t. It stated the applications that you have actually selected does not exist. I’m guessing the an to apologize glitch since it simply started this a couple of minutes ago. Help!