When we saw the step in Ant-Man the featured cutting board the Tank Engine, we felt certain that we were seeing a component of Edgar Wright"s original plans for the movie.

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Now, director Peyton Reed has confirmed our suspicions, and also revealed that there were part hoops they had to jump through to lug the friendly locomotive come the Marvel Studios film.

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"I think in Edgar and also Joe Cornish"s original drafts it was a train set," that told Film institution Rejects. "At some allude in the process that predated my involvement it came to be Thomas.

"As I came on, they had actually not secured the rights to Thomas. We had actually to do this entirety thing wherein we go this presentation because that the civilization who very own the civil liberties to Thomas.

"Thank God lock agreed and found the funny, however there to be definite stipulations. Because that example, nobody might be tied come the tracks and run over by Thomas. Cutting board couldn"t be doing something that can be perceived by children as evil<...> Thomas had to remain neutral in the battle, i m sorry was always our intention. Prefer anybody, they"re safety of their brand."

This means that we"re supposedly safe from any gritty reboots the at the very least one of ours childhood favourites. No promises about Postman Pat, though.

Watch Paul Rudd learn exactly how to beat in Ant-Man:

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