Today us a an excellent puzzle because that you which is referred to as Witch Wand and Broom Puzzle.

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the a very interesting puzzle i beg your pardon you deserve to solve and also it’s a calculation-based puzzle wherein you require to uncover the worth of Broom + witch + star =?

About 99% civilization failed to resolve this equation and the calculate is small bit tricky therefore pay attention to the puzzle image below and try to find the value.

In the puzzle picture you deserve to see that there is different thing choose Witch, wand and broom and everything together a various values and also your an obstacle is t uncover the exactly answer come the Broom + witch + star =?


Witch + witch + witch = 45Wand + wand + wand = 21Broom + Broom + Broom = 12Broom + witch + star =?

Witch Wand and also Broom Puzzle answer Explanation:

Before calculating the values, we have to calculate the worth of a solitary things and always remember to check the puzzle very first because together you have the right to see in the picture there space 2 broom, the witch is there is no the broom and wand.

First calculation the worth of 1 witch:

Witch + witch + witch = 45

3 witches = 45Witch= 45/3Witch= 15

secondly currently calculate the worth of 1 wand:

Wand + wand + wand = 21

3 wands=21Wand=21/3Wand=7

Now calculate the worth of broom:

Broom + 2 Broom + Broom = 12

4 brooms=12Broom=12/4Broom=3

Now we will certainly calculate the value of witch there is no the broom and also wand:


Therefore, witch there is no broom and wand will be equal to:


Lastly now solve the equation:

Broom + witch + star =?

3+5× (7×7) =?3+70=73

So, the answer come Witch Wand and also Broom Puzzle is 73.

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Answer: The answer to Witch, Wand and also Broom Puzzle is 73.

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