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Our physicians provide expert care, diagnosis, and also treatment for all foot and ankle disorders for human being of every ages.

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At fishing eye & Foot Centers of Georgia, we have the most substantial system the foot care experts and also resources girlfriend can discover anywhere.


We strive to do your suffer with ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia as pleasant and productive as possible, and also that starts prior to you arrive.


Our physicians carry out expert care, diagnosis, and treatment for all foot and also ankle disorders for human being of all ages.


At ankle & Foot Centers the Georgia, we have the most substantial system of foot treatment experts and also resources friend can discover anywhere.

We effort to do your experience with fish eye & Foot Centers that Georgia as pleasant and also productive together possible, and also that starts prior to you arrive.

Twenty-six bones, 33 joints, and also thousands of procedures a day. That amazing how much we count on ours feet to bring us through day-to-day life – and how lot we take our feet for granted till the pains of a foot or fishing eye injury stops us in our tracks.

At fish eye & Foot Centers that Georgia, we believe that every action you take have to be pain-free. Whether you require treatment for a boy ailment such as ingrown toenails, a facility foot reconstruction, or the ongoing monitoring of diabetes, our experienced Atlanta podiatrists will carry out expert diagnoses, innovative treatments consisting of the latest digital x-ray, and compassionate care.

Walk into any Atlanta drugstore and you’ll discover an aisle full of over-the-counter foot treatments. Numerous of these products are advantageous for boy foot ailments, yet patients regularly misdiagnose their problems, which deserve to lead to unnecessary foot pain due to delayed treatment. Similarly, seeing a primary treatment physician for a facility ankle or foot problem can result in a misdiagnosis. Just board-certified podiatrists room trained to provide specialized foot and ankle care.

Since 1982, the nationally-renowned podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia have actually helped patients throughout Georgia get back on your feet.

No matter what foot or ankle ailment bring you in come Ankle & Foot Centers that Georgia, you can count ~ above state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatments from our industry-leading Atlanta podiatrists. Us not just treat the immediate problem, but we authorize our patient to do decisions and act as partners in their very own treatment, ensuring the they can achieve a healthier quality of life exterior of our direct care. We market non-invasive treatments whenever possible, but if your foot or ankle difficulty requires surgery, our board-certified surgeons have the right to perform the procedure at an Atlanta area hospital or our an extremely own surgical center.

To accommodate our patients’ needs and also schedules, ankle & Foot Centers that Georgia supplies 32 convenient places with more than 35 caring and attentive podiatrists. We accept a wide range of insurance allowance plans.

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Life is too short to endure with foot and also ankle pain. Take it the an initial step to better foot health and wellness – speak to Ankle & Foot Centers that Georgia in ~ 678-902-0456 or CLICK right here to schedule an meeting today!

We offer functional appointment times and effortless scheduling v our website or by contacting your nearest office location. Ours ankle and also foot medical professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 365 work a year in instance of emergencies.