Lorenza Izzo & Anna de Armas On playing Knock hit Villains Knock, knock stars Lorenza Izzo and Anna de Armas comment on portraying the film"s psychopathic villains and also making Keanu Reeves uncomfortable ~ above set.

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If you to be curious wherein all the sexuality had gone indigenous most modern horror films, writer/director Eli Roth is bringing it back with Knock, Knock. Starring Lorenza Izzo and also Ana de Armas as two stunningly gorgeous psychopaths who test the fidelity of a married man – played by Keanu Reeves – the film portrays seduction an extremely much choose suspense. As the evening escalates and the comb deepen, the two young ladies change from siren to psychopath.

Fresh indigenous Roth’s critical film, The eco-friendly Inferno, Lorenza Izzo is join by the adorably beautiful Ana de Armas. We had the opportunity to sit down v the 2 ladies to comment on the art of seduction – and how to make Keanu Reeves uncomfortable prior to the cameras even start rolling!

You obtained to step right into the duty of what’s traditionally a male fear villain. You additionally got come emasculate Keanu Reeves. How does that feel, together actresses, come step right into this genre?

LORENZA: ns think to play with such conflict and deep, traumatic insanity is always fascinating. And to carry into the mix these 3 actors! ns couldn’t have actually done it with without the chemistry that I had actually with Ana and Keanu. The a movie that falls totally on ours shoulders.

ANA: It was so lot fun simply going from small girls come pure psycho!

What was more fun? playing the sexy vixen, damsel-in-distress? Or the crazy psychos in the kitchen?

LORENZA: I had fun in ~ everything! The pat is what you gain the most. As soon as Belle is to dance is with Keanu, it’s among my favourite scenes – and then through me and also in the home window and we’re slapping our butts!

Lorenza Izzo and Ana De Armas in punch Knock Lorenza Izzo and also Ana De Armas in knock Knock
Each of friend does comedy, therefore you currently have that physicality. Especially early in the movie as soon as Eli builds his sexual tension along with horror-movie tension. Just how did you occupational together together a team in those scenes?

ANA: it is my favorite scene in the movie. When we’re every in the life room, play around. Like musical chairs. He doesn’t recognize what to do! Keanu is shy and feels uncomfortable. He’s no open around talking about his life in general. So us were yes, really pushing him come the limit, playing v him and also touching him and whispering things to him prior to the scene. He was yes, really uncomfortable. It really worked.

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Did either of girlfriend have any type of kind that backstory to her characters? Why lock entrap this masculine prey. Or was it a basic Girl power thing?

ANA: we knew the these girls to be broken, that someone in the early years had abused and traumatized them. And with that, sometimes, that’s every you need to know. Lock surely searching for the guy who says, “No.” were you not happy with your wife and your family? space we bad? Or are you?

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When a committed husband and also father is left house alone because that the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock ~ above his door for help. What starts out together a type gesture outcomes in a dangerous seduction and also a deadly video game of cat and mouse.